Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday, August 17 2010

Hey family!! So yesterday was a holiday here so we had to work so my pday was today, so the week felt way long! But really it flew by! This week has pretty tuff mostly because i felt so stressed about the lack of progress i am having, i feel like its really slow, i havent been able to visit with any of the investigators that have baptismal dates because they werent home, but i did give it my all with all of the troubles i had this week, but best of all i had a baptism!I kind of forgot to say that last week but ya, we finally got permission from the father of the three kids we are teaching to baptise the oldest girl, who is 15, so that was awesome i was pretty excited, it was a really spiritual baptism, the strongest one yet. And the father who didnt want anything with us is now listening to us and im sure that he will start to change, thats the effect the spirit has on people! So i am really seeing a difference from when i got here, there are days that we dont enter one house but somehow we are finding those that need the gospel. slowly but surely, once i start getting my planning down im sure that i will be able to see alot more blessings, we are finding the elect, but man it takes my patience, thats really been a help to live with the zone leaders because they can help me with my defects, my comp lacks alot of initiave, which we are working on, hes really gotten better and ive grown alot also, which is awesome!So i am attaching a photo of a picture that looks like its nighttime, but its really 9 in the morning, it was super sunny and it seemed like it would be a pleasant day, and as i was studying it started getting darker and darker until we couldnt even see our books of mormon! So i ran outside to see what was wrong, i kind of felt like the sun turned off! But the clouds came so fast and they were so thick that the light couldnt penetrate at all! ive never seen anyhting like it! Man! it was cool, but man it was so muddy afterwards, well i dont have much to say, its been tuff but ive grown a super lot, its starting to warm up again and my nerves from remembering the last summer are starting to jump, but i think ill be able to handle it alot better! Well i love you all! Steph have fun! its the greatest time of life if you make it! Be safe and choose the right! BYE

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