Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday, October 17 2011

Wow Time has sure flown by fast! I cant even explain how i feel, but i sure am excited to come home. Ive learned a whole lot out here in the mish, now i feel like its time to come home. I guess this should be one of my most meaningful letters since its the last one that ill give as a missionary, yet i have no capacity to think... My brain is dead, scrambled, all that stuff. But as Dad had said, as ive been working this past week i truly have felt as if i have given my all, i have felt as if god was ok with the work ive done, i know i could have done more, yet with all my weaknesses i felt like i did the best i could in the circumstances that i was in.
My last sunday i was given a talk in sacrament meeting as my farewell talk. Ha they truly acted like family for me, and it was a very powerful talk, almost everyone was tearing up for a second. So i hope that made a difference. They all treated me like a king, man sure was hard to leave them all.
Ive spent the weekend working during the day and having dinners at night with special investigators, converts, and awesome members, so it was quite fun, i might come back a little chubbier than i wanted but its worth it, the food was great! Got tons of pics so its gonna be some great memories.
Im glad that God had found me worthy to be called one of his servants for two years, when i started the mission i saw it as a huge sacrifice, but ive learned to appreciate everything a whole lot more, come closer to my savior, and have learned alot of things and have had many sacred expericances. Most of all ive become converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ, the promise in DC 18 is true, how great will be my joy if i just have converted myself. Now ive laid the foundation of my lifestyle for the rest of my life! And ive tried to enjoy those moments so difficult. Ive hoped to have touched the life of those that I had promised in the eternal worlds before this one, i hoped to have not have failed anyone id promised.
Well i dont know how great of a letter this has been, im not much for writing or thinking, yet i want all to know, that ive dedicated my life to the lord, that this is true, not just a belief, and that this is what its all about, we work for things eternal.

Ive fought the good fight, ive finished my course, ive kept the faith.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday, October 11 2011

!Hey Hey Familia!
Este semana fue lo mejor! That means that it was one of the best weeks. First off we didnt have power in our new apartment until thursday night, so everything went bad in fridge and we couldnt use our fans, it got quite hot haha. Yet it was a great week other than that. I did splits with an awesome elder named Elder Coppins hes super cool, those two days flew by. We spent the mornings downtown trying to resolve the problems with the power... They do anything to get money those twerps. It got super hot, super hot, oh man not that fun.. Yet i knew a storm was coming, and oh man it was a STORM! At 5 pm black clouds appeared on the horizon and in 10 mins there was not a ray of sunlight, the night lights turned on and then the strom started, like 3 or 4 lightning bolts a second, no joke, the power cut, there was more water than niagra falls! Every street became a river, and the only way we could see was by the light of the lightning, it was super cool! There was almost a constant blinding white light for more than 5 mins as lightning tore apart the sky! My favorite storm by far!Anyways on more religious topics, we brought 11 people to church! So much more than ive ever brought here in this area, and i have 2 baptisms this being my last saturday of my mish! Oh man god has sure blessed me these last two weeks, the Zone Leaders and Asistants are super suprised that im dying as well as i am! Take it! Im not that trunky haha, in fact this has been the least trunky that ive been since ive started the mish. Im loving the mish, just like dad predicted, my emotions are everywhere, especially last night, there is a family that its in the photo im sending that the mom is the only member, and the father was so excited about the church until he read some anti mormon doctrine, now hes full of doubts, he doesnt want to be, but as we talked the spirit was pretty strong, and a huge peace was present and it just never wanted to leave until i made sure that they are going to get baptised.But on the other hand i hate heat, and i dont want another minute of it, THANKGOODNESS for SNOW!! And plus im excited to be with the family again! And not to mention food! and AMERICA! Man im so grateful and excited!
The reason i get home saturday is because wednesday is transfers, so that day ill be with the Zone Leaders, then thursday i have to be in the office waiting for the rest of my district who came with me to get there, Thursday night we have a dinner with President, then they send us out on a bus to Buenos Aires, 14 hours from here, then the plane to the U.S. so its about right, that means i have the whole saturday afternoon to enjoy before the sabbath day. Whens my homecoming talk? Ive totally forgot about that. Haha.So some pics with the Navarro family, the one with the carnival clothes, of course its alot more immodest when missionaries arent the ones with the feathers on haha. But i sure did love my headress. The one with the little girl on my shoulder is the coolest family, the one i shared in my email above, then i forgot the rest, but here ya go, the last pics of my mish! LOVES YALL

Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday, October 3 2011

Oh crap... First off mom, i put my drivers licence in the mission safe... so that no one would steal it, but i have my old one, but i have a paper copy and ill try to descern what it says through the paint smugdes, and plus i have my old one... Oh man what a week, my emotions are everywhere, im a complete wreck haha, a chicken without a head running around. This has definitly been by far the most absolute hottest week here in Corrientes, i was laughing histarically because it was unbearable, its super impressive how hot it can get. But at least i dont cry anymore like my first summer. Rained just in time for conference, cooled down enough to enjoy conference. Oh man i hate how fast the conference is, i used to dread priesthood session, two hours on saturday, your crazy!! And now its totally different. Oh how grateful i am to a family who is converted to the gospel, grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Parents, Brother, and Sisters. The first session had less than 10 members here, which made me pretty sad, my converts were the only ones from my branch that were there. Then just like last year we baptised between sessions, and Carlos did the baptism, oh man super cool! Betty got baptised and was super taken care of by the district. And the talks oh man super cool. I got home at midnight saturday after the priesthood session and was unable to sleep for all that was going through my head, ¨oh man heavenly father expects alot from me¨ i said to myself, it was quite a difficult night for me to sleep, as usual Elder Horrocks never thinks too well of himself. But then the spirit told him that hes doing his best, and that if this is his best than he will do well after the mission. For the mission is there to strech him and make him stronger than he could have done by himself. And Elder Horrocks was able to sleep. haha i loved the talk about the mountain climbing, that they made a promise to not look how much they lacked, but looked to see how much they had gained. What a cool analogy. I Loved every single talk. Elder Eyring, Elder Uctdorf, President Monson, i love mormon humor, its so simple, it has no need to be dirty or offensive yet it made me laugh my butt off. What a simple life we live as mormons, or at least can live. My testimony grew tons, and how grateful i am to have been able to serve a mission. This area has been the hardest, with all the trials, but ive made some awesome friends here, some super awesome friends. Conference made me sad to know ill never see many of them ever again. Well at least until the milenium. My mind is a scrambled egg right now. So if im not making sense just know that i have no capability to think, only two more weeks of work then its done, over. I cant think.
Anyways, we moved today, i hate change, it really does, if i had everything my way i would never change. But we moved like 4 blocks down the street, super close, and its alot smaller. We dont have power yet but tomorrow we will, we dont have any fans so im praying and hopeing that the heat doesnt rise or im not sleeping haha. We live on the third floor and its very, very similar to my first apartment in Posadas, the neighbors even listen to the same music as there, so im quite missing my first area haha.
Anyways, i dont know what else to say, im excited for working, schooling, sleeping, eating, exercising (a definite need), and growing an awesome beard/mustache combo.
Yet i am still working hard, dont worry, last week was the hardest, now its all good. I think. At least i know how to work hard, and my comp is always on my back helping me to be focused, hes super cool, we clash at times but its always to help both us grow. Ive learned alot from him.
Ill bring home some Jerseys, mate (like the cow hoof), and some toms, or apargatas as they are called here, but they are quite cheaply made. Im sure the states are higher quality, but if its for originality im all up for it. Loves ya all!
Im so grateful for our dedication to the lord as a family, the goal is heaven right?