Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday, March 28 2011

Hola Familia!! Como esta! Well first things first, i didnt go anywhere, i stayed here in Formosa, with my comp and everything. At first i was a little down, i wanted to move up and become zone leader, i wanted to get to know a new area and i wanted to start over because i havent seen any progress here and i felt really discouraged, but then i started to pray alot and i just slept on it, in the morning i was super sick so i didnt have a chance to think about what happened haha, but as time went on im excited that Heavenly Father gave me the chance to overcome my problems instead of running from them, but this is going to be a super hard challenge, but one that is necesary, i must come off conquerer. Mom ive been trying to think positively all the time, and its working with all of the little things, slowly im changing, but when something big happens im still out of control, so ive been struggling with that, im finding it super hard to find my strengths my mind goes blank and i only see what i need to improve. I dont know why but thats been a great struggle, and im trying to find the answer. Anyways, not much has happened this week, a bunch of my mission friends went home, that was crazy, it passed by super fast, i still remember watching general conference with Elder Hogge 6 months ago and now he just got home, time sure does fly by, i feel like i dont have enough time to improve, it passes by so quick. Im really excited for this weeks general conference, i sure hope i can at least watch a few, we will see how it goes! Well i dont know what else to say, nothing new, we had to drop almost all our investigators and start over again, quite a challenging time this past month, i can barely bring people to church, yet alone find some investigators. But i cant give up, but i sure do need help. Anyways i found some of those shoes, but steph all of the shoes that you want here are super ghetto, foam bottoms, 4 dollars but they are not that stylish, but if you want ill get them for ya, but idk if you want me to send them home or what, so let me know. Congrats dj nuffer, hes in my same region haha, thats sweet, hes going to sweat alot so tell him to prepare himself, one of my mtc teachers went there and all of his pictures was him sweating haha. But hes going to have a ton of success! I did not recognize whos house all of the pictures were in until i saw the pictures in the back ground of baby andy and judd and then i recognized in the other picture the map, WOW KIM AND GENE!! Thats super awesome! I cant wait to see how its like, which makes me remember that our house also has recieved a few rooms remodled right? man im not going to even recognize my life after, tyler and max have grown so much! Thats crazy!! I sure do miss everyone. In my package i just want a bunch of candy, those pictures of christ that i had, one maple extract, a rootbeer extract, some refried beans, steak seasoning, more steak seasoning, and whatever suprise you can come up with, oh and also a few efy cds, that would be awesome! Well please continue to pray for me, to pick myself off the ground and get back into the work, i feel less effecient here in Formosa than in Reconquista and Posadas and i dont like that feeling. Well i love ya family, next time i write will be in April!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday, March 21 2011

HELLO FAMILIA!! Hows life!! This week was super tuff but i loved it!! I learned alot as usual! Im learning how to gain the ability to concentrate when im studying and im able to ponder and focus, its great. Ive always had a loose mind, it goes where ever it wants, but now im learning how to control it! Haha so now im quite content that ill be able to become even smarter and wiser! The weather here is great, some days its cold, like 75 degrees and other days its 100 but im used to it, so it doesnt matter. Whats hard is when i dont have investigators that want to progress, its been hard because i feel like i work so hard yet, like ive had in the past, i dont have sucess, im not looking for 10 families that progress super easy or anything like that, but i want to be able to teach people that want to act, who want to come closer to chirst, or at least find people who want to listen, i dont know why it got so hard all of the sudden but now its quite difficult to find people, alot different than when i got here. We are really only teaching one family, but only the dad and the oldest daughter are interested.I feel like my area is degrading a little but i have hope, i know that if im doing everything right that this is just a time of growth, and that ill be blessed with people who want to learn, i just hope that ive found everyone who god wanted me to find, this week is transfers, there is a 50/50 chance that ill leave, i kind of want to leave so i can start all over, but then again this is my favorite zone and there is going to be alot of changes in the ward, zone and mission so whatever happens im ok with it. The mission office elders say that they are going to divide my mission in two missions in june, the Resistencia Mission and the Posadas Mission. But its not confirmed, buts its a possibility.I dont even know if they have called a new mission president for us yet! Ya about Japan, we walked into a investigators house and we saw what was happening, so ya ive heard all about it, its a great way to talk with people, everyone is scared so we use that to get them to repent, to start to act, it works with the less actives haha. But ya its super sad, i always wanted to visit Japan, now would be a good excuse to go visit, a service trip! Great job Collin! Your the first of the kids to break a bone haha!! AND STEPH! CONGRATS!! Ms. President haha. Haha ya time is flying by, in two weeks im going to need to start my ¨six months to sexy¨ to get back into shape and stuff haha. Its going to be sad because im going to miss my little beer belly hehe. So whats up with Libia and the States, the argentines are mad at me for what we are doing... I have no clue whats happening.And i have one question, did the new eragon book come out? Anyways, i cant believe Jason Buck is coming home, tell him he will need to write me and let me know how his mission was and stuff, i miss the kid! thanks dad for writing, that was a great story about Dave Lyman, his a cool guy, i miss him haha, tell him hello! and grandpa also, thanks for writing, i laugh everytime! Thanks Kieth Low, and no, i never slept in your class, just meditating... And Dj Nuffer, let me know where you are going man!! Your the bomb!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday, March 14 2011

OLA FAMILIA!! Hows everything going? My life has actually been quite great this week, i did divisiones with one of my great friends in the mish, for the first time in my life i asked for a priesthood blessing and i really felt the effects of that blessing. I have studied self esteem so much this week that i feel like im back to normal, and maybe even better. This week has been tuff as usual but now i find it more enjoying. And were starting to have a little more sucess here, i still have alot to do but we are working on it, this week ive focused, like andy, on converts and less actives, and they are growing stronger, and they are starting to understand a little more, ive enjoyed alot of my time here this week, ive grown closer to almost everyone ive talked to haha. Its great, this week we had 6 baptisms in my ward, and of the 6 i found 3 of them, so even though i didnt get to teach them every single lesson it was super pleasing to me to see the people that i had found reach the waters of baptism, a very spiritual saturday. My understanding of the gospel is increasing alot and i feel like im starting to reach the level of conversion that i have wanted, ive always had a problem studying and now i feel like i can meditate a little more, i realized that i always saw the scriptures as a story and not as a book that can complete its promises, but now as i start to understand every word has and will be completed, its so cool, and now i can put it even more into practice and i have found more joy in the work, i love studying the gospel, makes me teach more simply and helps me to put it into practice. Ive learned alot this week, but i have so much more to learn, i dont have much time left, oh man sometimes i feel like its alot but as i see my progess i dont have much time to learn and apply what i want to be, because i know that after the mission i will have alot of things to distract me and it will be even harder to learn things that are quite easy here to attain. Anyways i dont know if im making sense, my head hurts so much, weve been in a capacitation all day, we havent had pday so everythings all scrambled up in my head! Happy Birthday to Grandma!! Wow only 50 years old ;) still maintaining the figure haha. Thats a cool story about Grant, thats something that ive tried to put in practice this week, its funny how god works, nothing is coincidence. Wow Chris Nestman came home!! Time just ceases to exist on the mission it seems. Oh i did not know that Sister Goats speaks spanish!! That blew my mind, i need to get to know my ward a little better, Thanks Ma and Pa Platt for the letter, your the best Ma and Pa (dont tell my parents). Grandpa and grandma cow, i laugh every time i read your letters, dont let the computer control you guys haha, your the greatest! I love you all!! Good luck steph on your student gov!