Monday, January 11, 2010

January 11, 2010 --

Hey fam! This week was a good week! I was perfectly healthy and lifes been pretty good! Monday night was by far the worst night! Just in my apartment alone it was 100 degrees exactly and so outside in the sun it was alot worse! haha but cool thing was that it wasnt that bad and i havent been effected by the heat as much, and i really have no room to complain compared to andy! haha all my side effects are that my clothes are continually soaked and i smell like crap but it wont killme haha! No the heat is no longer my worry at all, ive moved on past physical worries, the lord helped me with that. But now im just having a tuff time getting lost in the work, as time goes on it gets better so i have been praying and praying and praying for patience, hope and faith. It is hard for me to love my mission, and i really want to love it just like Andy and Judd are! So im trying my best! It sounds like they are having such an awesome time! They are my heros and i really want to be just like them, if i can become just part of the example they are i will be 1000x better than i am now! So this week it rained all week! And the temperature dropped to a freezing 79 degrees! haha funny huh? its funny how that is freezing to me! But its been a really big help to me to get my priorites in hand and to not blame the heat for my feelings, this week we had a tuff we with our progressing investigators, but huge success with three new investigators! The brother and sister combo disappeared and we havent been able to talk with them this week. The two sisters, one jumped on a bus tuesday night and we happened to be on the same bus, she was heading to a friends and that was the last time we have seen her, she has a little 9 month old baby that she totes around with her. And the other sister, well... she hasnt smoked in three weeks and friday we went to visit with her and she was smoking, just because there was an extra one, so we tried to help her but my companion said something that probably was a little to harsh, saying that we cant help her now if she doesnt want to choose to be baptised and follow the commandments, i dont think he realizes the power of an addiction and how hard it is to quit, anyways she got up and left and we havent been able to talk with her since, but we have had a huge success with the no shirt guy, we talked with him everyday and all he is waiting for is his birthcertificate than he can get married, so hopefully this week. Our new investigators, an old couple named Halle who defintily have been prepared for us, we didnt even say one word after clapping his house and he let us in because he wanted to talk with us, so we conversed and he is very intellegent which is really rare here haha, almost everyone here is really close minded, more than you could imagine! So we talked with them and they really seem like a really good potential baptism. The other is a girl named Laura, she lost a two year old son two months back to cancer, we taught her the plan of salvation and she believed all of it was true after the lesson, quite a cool change, but her husband is mad at god so he wont let her come to church and we cant teach there while hes home so we will see how that goes. And we have 5 other people who really want to get baptised but the mother of the family was offended by the ealier missonaires so we cant visit there so we have to work with other members to find out when and where we can visit without the mother, the father wants to but he cant with her around, so we will see. It was sprinkling rain sunday moring and our ward which usually has 100 to 120 people was reduced by half! by less rain than Utah gets haha, it was quite rediculous after reading about andys ward and the weather haha. I am understanding almost all of the spanish or at least what they are trying to get across so im not that worried about the language, just working on loving it, so im being patient and trying really hard, oh saturday night we made PANCAKES with a investigator and a ward family! haha they were pretty good, we didnt have syrup but we have this stuff called dulce de leche which is like carmel choclate kind of stuff and that was really good on the pancakes. So this week in argentine culture... im going to talk about food! haha the food here is really bland and there are only about 6 types of meals, so we have the same thing alot and all of the time! But the bread here is better than anywhere else haha, they have a lot of good types of bread and most of it is fried haha, and alot of salt. Argentines cant take spicy at all, pepper is way to spicy for them! haha so they dont have much flavor, oh and most of the time there is only usually one or two cups and so everyone shares from the same cup, it was pretty funny when we went to a ward party there was like 80 people and like 11 cups so everyone was sharing, really wierd haha. Thats about all i can think of, only having a certain time to write really makes it hard to think under all of this pressure haha! Steph sounds like life is rocking! College is by far better than high school! i loved the classes in college, you actually kind of want to go to the classes cuz they are way fun and stuff! Good luck with the play i am quite sad that i didnt get to see you take the stage! haha start driving your car already! you always used to complain about the truck haha, dad the only other roads around are ruta 12 and ruta 213 so good luck, its really bad how they do the roads here haha, i love you all so much, please pray for me haha, i need all of the help i can get to love the mission, idk what im doing wrong, im trying my hardest but idk so just help me! hahah i love you all so much! Oh and today for pday a member here who is from arizona,(he served his mission here then moved back here) he took us to the only chinese restaurant in our mission and holy crap it was soo good! We pigged out to a tasty price of $20 american dollars for all three of us! Argenitna is so cheap haha, well i love you all and i have to go!

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