Monday, January 18, 2010

January 18, 2010 -- Nate Needs our Prayers

Hey fam! Well this week has definitly been a rollercoaster, its had its ups and downs, it started off really great and i tried really hard to dig in and forget about myself, and we got alot more potential investigators and i am excited to see how that turns out, the heat kept away until about friday and then it just exploded and it was really, really, hot, but it was really cool, because i was on exchanges with another elder and every single one of our appointments fell through so we were walking in a new area that has absolutly no shade and the sun was just killing us but i barely felt it, it was a cool experience, then saturday it rained so hard! the river swelled and there was a swimming competition in the water and a huge cargo ship got caught in the swell and flipped over and killed one person and alot more disappeared and they dont know what happened, or at least thats what i was told idk really know what happened, but it rained harder than ever before and i forgot to buy a umbrella so i was soaked head to toe, everything i had was pretty much soaked haha, kind of sucked. Then sunday was the hottest day yet and all of our appointments fell through and it was too hot for people to come out and talk to us so noone answered their doors or anything and that was pretty miserable haha, but i constantly tried to focus on why i was doing it and i used that experience to try and show my devotion to god for what i was doing. So that has been the physical challenge for the week.
My companion and i had some hardships, he has lost all patience with me and it was really stressful for me, i am trying my absolute hardest but i guess he just lost it, so this week he would only talk to me when we had to plan and that was really hard for me, i pretty much felt useless at times haha, so the companionship was pretty ruff, then after our last lesson sunday night as we were walking home he told me that we arent going to be together any more and that night he was called and he got sent to resistencia to work in the office, two weeks before our transfer ended, so today i recieved a new companion, Elder Soclle, he is from Peru and doesnt speak any English, so that is just a little tough, not to bad, but he seems really nice, i dont know anything about him so we will see how it goes this week.
Our investigators are coming along well, i have a baptism this saturday, the guy that never wears a shirt, so i am excited for that. We should have two more baptisms next week( the two sisters) and then if all goes well i should have a family baptised in less than a month so i am excited about that as well, i have found out that the time when i am most happy on my mission is when i participate in the lessons and when i get to give my testimony so i really want to try and do better at that because ive been pretty bad at that lately. We have alot of investigators lately and we will see if they start to progress next time we visit so right now, if everything goes well, i have a potential of 17 or so baptisms, which would be cool but i dont know how it will turn out. I want to find out how my companion works and see how he does things.
Well emotionally i feel like a wreck haha, i dont have alot of hope right now and i really feel down in the dumps, im trying my best, i really am, but this is such a hard thing for me, the hardest thing for me, haha so if you guys could keep praying and asking for help i would really appreciate that. I really feel alone and stuff and its hard to be happy lately, having a new companion that i cant really communticate well with seems very depressing, but who knows, all i know is that god knows whats best for me and that he loves me more than i know, and that in time everything will turn out for the best, right now im just kind of in survive mode i think, im being as obedient as i can and working as hard as i can but i dont feel any satifaction, i had an interview with the mission president on saturday morning and that was a little of a comfort, i know that as time goes on that ill want to be here, i just need to be patient and work hard and pray as much as i can, but its hard to wait, but i know that i will grow so much from this experience, haha its just that sometimes i dont want to go through the pain in order to gain the growth. Anyways if you guys have any suggestions i really need them, i feel like i have alot of weaknesses and i dont know why i cant enjoy my mission like everyone else seems to.
Anyways, sorry for that, im just in need of help, it seems like life is so good at home! Congrats steph on the scholarship! Take it, thanks for the advice dad, maybe that will be the help i need, because i really really need it. Anyways i miss you guys alot, i have had two awesome lessons this week, and in those lessons ive pulled out the picture of us at yosemite and testifed why im here and why i left my family that i loved and thats when my tesitmony has been the strongest is during this time, sorry for showing my weaknesses family, but i have noone else to go to but you and our Heavenly Father, and its good to recieve answers from both. I love you all more than i can ever explain, i think about you all constantly, i love you. Good luck with everything this week and i am so grateful for your prayers! I Love You

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