Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday, February 22 2010 -- Hard Work Helps Homesickness

Wow im so jealous of the trip to yellowstone!!! ah thats so crazy awesome! Ya it will definitly be worth it when i get back haha, well this week has been good, very busy. To answer dads questions, Ramon is the old 72 year old man, and the Zarate family turned out to be flakers, they arent interested, they dont believe man can see god, and they wont give us the time to explain. haha and pretending to be an aussie is pretty sweet, haha it doesnt cause problems. This week we have worked really hard with the inactives in our area to try and bring them back to church, there is no point to the baptisms if we cant keep them in the church so the bishop has asked us to work with 5 families in the area, and we had a little success, one of the five familes came to church and we are now teaching the brother of the family, but the others wont come to church but are more than willing to let us come visit them, so thats good.
Our work with our progressing investigators was really slow this week, not much progress, except with the gomez family! The mother and daughter came to church yesterday, so it shows that our hard work is working out, but the father isnt giving in, and if we cant get the father then we cant have the family... so thats been tuff! Juan, who is 14, needs permission to be baptized and his grandma wont give it to him because he is disrespectful and he is not taking what we teach him seriously so we are going to try and work with him and teach him the importance of this gospel. Ramon is supposedly going to be married this friday, i hope so, hes been taught everything since november and so right now its just reviews and pass bys and service, which is nice but im ready for him to be dunked haha, there are some promising investigators that we have, we couldnt find the construction worker this week but we talked with his daughter who is interested so that should be a helper to him, and we are teaching a guy who played soccer for yugoslavia and mexico and he knows alot of languages haha, it was really sweet to talk with him, hes very mature which is very difficult to find here haha, everything else is about the same with all of our other investigators, but i love teaching them. Interesting fact that i should have already known but i found out the hard way yesterday, this weekend has been tuff, saturday night was a day to just perservere, we walked for 4 or 5 hours without teaching anyone! and it was hot hot hot, and there was no wind so it was a beating on me haha, and i have felt soooo homesick this week, but while i was working yesterday i was talking with a inactive and i was explaining that we have to do things we dont want because she is having a hard time wanted to come to church, we always have to search for the kindgom of god first and sometimes its things we dont want to do, and i shared how i didnt want to come on a mission but that its what heavenly father wanted and i was willing to trust him and now im here, and i explained how hard it was to leave my family and everything, and after she said she would come back and then she said, with a testimony like yours your homesickness will pass, and then i as i was working i realized that its the cure to homesickness, to continually work! So thats what i do when i get homesick! I work haha, sorry if you cant understand what im saying, its getting hard to speak english and i have to think pretty hard to remember words and stuff, well i have to go, i miss you so much and im just trying to work and be patient, i hope to become like taylor haha! how cool it will be when i want to stay here! Well i love you and i know that this gospel is the only way to happiness! Goodbye until next week my family!

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