Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday, February 8 -- The Definition of Hot

MY FAMILY! I cant believe it is already monday! Its crazy, this week has flown by! Well the weekdays fly by, the weekends drag here, i dont know why but they are soo slow! So my first week in febuary here on a mission, i thought that January was hot, but this week has definitly made me wish for the heat of January and when i first got here haha. My thermometer in my apartment read 100.8 degrees! haha and outside was a killer! haha and what was worse is that i had parasites thursday friday and saturday! so i spent alot of time in my apartment slowly dying from the parasites and from being cooked in my oven! haha wow talk about the hottest week yet, but i have had many escapes this week from the heat, mostly the wind has helped alot, even though the wind is really really hot, when im soaked from head to toe its pretty refreshing haha, and my garments are such a gift! haha its amazing how where the garment covers is freezing and where its not is hot! partly because dry lux rocks! haha but i think the other part is because of god. Saturday night, as i looked at the country side next to my area it was totally engulfed in brown smoke, i asked why and my companion said because of the heat, it was aweful looking, really intimidating, and really hard to breath haha. But its amazing how much that your body can adjust to the heat, it is usually 92 or 95 degrees in my apartment when i go to sleep and i dont really sweat that much, its hot but only a little uncomfortable, even though i still want air conditioning haha.
Our investigators... The girl who i baptised in the picture im forwarding isnt going to stay a member for long... We found her smoking again and she doesnt really have a strong testimony, so ive decided im not going to baptise her sister right now, maybe when i know that shes ready. The old man without the shirt (ramon) had his birthday yesterday and when we went to go wish him a happy birthday he was totally drunk, so their goes our baptism for this weekend... But do not lose hope family! For we have another baptism for the 27th of Febuary, a 14 year old kid who is in love with the church, and has alot of friends in the church to help him, his name is Juan and hes a cool kid (oh a little side note, its really funny here, but there is only like 10 names for guys here, Juan, Angel, Ramon, Alejandro, Jose, Miguel, David and one or two other names, so when we are contacting its really easy to remember names or to guess because there is hardly any names!) The gomez family is starting to progress, the mother knows its true, it was really cool to help her realize, but the dad is scared of the truth and has to anaylze it out alot, so we are working on that, but once we get him we have a whole family of 6 for baptism which will be sweet, the Silva family is shaky, not sure what we need to do, visit them more often and give service is the best way i think, but the mother has a brother that we ran into and he has potential to become a member, he has alot of faith and knows that we can help him with his problems. One of the families i have been working with since i got here, an inactive family who started to come to church and ive worked really hard with them, well their family just broke and the wife wants a divorce and its all bad, pretty depressing.
This morning it rained, if you remember the rain as we came out of Navoo, and how much rain that was, well that was nothing compared to this! My companion and i went downtown to eat at a chinese buffet with the zone and while we were in the bus the street had at least two feet of water and the wheels of the bus could barely hit the ground! haha it was crazy! then while we were walking to the meeting place we had to cross this street which was a river, up to our knees! My umbrella couldn´t hold the amount of water that was coming down! so amazing! Then we had to run 13 blocks to the restaruant! haha talk about being wet! It has been a blessing though because its going to be cold tonight and i can sleep in peace! Well I love you all so much! I have two pics im sending, one of my baptism and one of my zone! They have helped me so much! I would definitly not be were i am without them! Oh and i just found out that at the end of this transfer i will have been out on my mission 6 months! 1/4 of my mission already haha, but its going to be a very long transfer in this heat!! haha but im ready for it, thanks dad for the scriptures! Those from d and c 100 helped me alot! Oh and i recived the letters from robin and grandpa cow! so whatever way is fine! Snail mail or email! I lvoe you all so much! pray for me will ya ;)

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