Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday, April 12 2010

Hello the best family in the world! The first thing i want to say in my email is thanks. This week as i was out working there were alot of times when it was like there was a block in my mind to think negative thoughts, and there was alot of thoughts that came to me that reminded me of spring, i did have a few good moments this week, and as these moments were passing by i knew in my heart that it wasnt me that was letting this happen, that it was all of my family that helped changed it all, i felt your fast before i knew about it, and for that i really want to say thanks and that i will never be able to thank my family for the love they have shown, its kind of embarrassing to acknowledge my weakness haha, but this week i did try as hard as i can to just work, to just forget my problems and try my best to work, it was really tuff, like trying to escape from the tarpit like the rabbit in splash mountain, haha but with strength that definitly wasnt my own im starting to break out of this tarpit, this week was the hardest week ive worked, our numbers have been the highest of my mission so far, im just trying to do what all of you are saying and just work haha, i realize that its a time of growth and all and i know that after i will look back and be grateful for it, oh but how hard it is to be grateful for problems during it haha, its pretty easy to pretend like nothing is wrong, and most of the missionaries know nothing of my challenges, this week i got to talk to the president in an interview and we talked for 15 minutes on how i can improve my mission, and after all we talked about he told me how valient of a missionary i was, which made me feel good about the work i am trying to do, he seems to always "drop the cane" or get mad at all of the other missionaries, but he never has with me even though im just like the others, so i dont know what that means, but he was a big help this week, along with all of my families prayers for sure, its still really tuff but in time i will know i will come to love it, i kind of just lost my patience for a while he he, about my investigators, the gomez family is in a standstill, all of the girls of the family know its true, but the guys are having a tuff time giving in, but we are working on it, they didnt come to church this week so i think it was kind of a two steps back kind of week with them, Ramiero, the drug officer, has a friend who is anti mormon, but he likes to learn from us, its been pretty sweet to defeat all of the rumours that his anti mormon friend shoots at him, another testimony that truth is always stronger than lies, he definitly has a testimony of the book of mormon, and he told us a story of one day this week he was thinking about me in specific and why would this kid come all of the way from the u.s. to learn a different language and teach something false, so thats been a help to me this week also, to know that someone needs my help haha, hes going to baptise for sure, he is reading the three chapters that we leave with him every time and hes reading from the beginning, its amazing! Another family, named Pareda, we have met with them three times and they are in love with the book of mormon, we had a very powerful lesson in introducing the book of mormon, it was really good, the family is a little older, the youngest is 19 but they dont have many but the guys like to listen so that is definitly a huge bonus for us. The weather here has been really good, freezing during the nights and like 80 during the day, if i stay in the shade i dont sweat at all, and thats a good feeling that i have forgotten haha, its defintily been an interesting mindset that i have had this week, definitly not from me, its been a really big help, about my companion, he still has all of the pet peeves that i dont like but i have really grown to look past them, now its just normal, ive really grown patient with him, and i can put up with almost everything, only sometimes is our companionship difficult, but most of the times its normal, its hard to be friends with him, but its not hard to be nice, so i like that. Ive learned alot in my studies this week, im just really trying to be a missionary, one day ill reach the goal, wow ive never done anything so tuff but ill try to dance in the rain, maybe with my hands in my pockets like stephs cool dance move haha. Yet again i want to say thanks for all of the support, i have been thinking to write letters like last weeks every monday so i can always have emails to read haha, well i cant explain how much i love everyone of my family members and friends and if i had time i would write everyone of you! Good bye until next week, im heading to iguazu falls next week!

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