Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday, April 6 2010

Hey family, sorry this is going to be a really small letter this week, not much new stuff has happened this week, its been really tuff as usual, we did change to the normal missionary schedule of doing all of the studies in the morning and working all day, which stinks because everyone here sleeps during the middle of the day so its really hard to find anyone, im finding it really hard to find the desire to teach and work, i dont know why i have always had that problem, im trying to fake it and all but i want to start to see a difference, sometimes i dont think im made for the mission haha, but i did get to see all of the sessions minus the first one, so saturday and sunday have definitly been my two favorite days in the mission yet, every single talk i could specifically apply to me, i loved it all, i also loved that between sessions i got to visit with the members and other missionaries.I realize that i love the members here, but i have a hard time loving the people, i learned alot about patience and how to overcome trials in the conference, i felt the spirit more in conference than in any other time in my life, but if i thought about my area or the next day all of my worries came back, i defintily have a problem mentally that i need to overcome. Sorry this is such a downer but i havent had any really good news this week, i just need pateince and endurance, and pray and i know one day ill want to be here, you would think after six months it would be possible haha.
Here are some photos of family home eveings with a recent convert family and with the family of Ramiro, the drug officer.!The twins in the pictures got back from their mission the day i got here so they have been a huge support and help for me. Well i love you all and i loved the pictures, its good to remember when life was perfect, i know that it can be in the future. I want to let you know that i know this church is true, im just having a tuff time wanting to share it, i dont know why. Im trying to lose myself but i dont know how... Tell grandmas and grandpas how much i love them, and aunts and uncles, and cousins, i have been blessed more than ever. Sorry about this downer letter, i could have made stuff up to make it look like everythings fine but then i wouldnt know what to say haha. Im just needing to fix myself, and its about time i start doing it. I love you

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