Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Monday, July 12 2010

This is a picure we emailed to Nate. We used glow sticks to spell his name.

Aw man!! The mowhawk theme 4th of july cant be beat!! The year when i get back we will have to grow our hair out way long so we can be like 80 rock stars!! Like Andy and Judd i feel the same way... The 4th of july is definitly the best holiday ever and it just gets better and better every year! Why is our family soo cool!!! Oh man ty guy got baptised! Man time does fly by so fast!! Congrats little guy! You know whats the right thing to do! But its alright, i dont know if i said i was getting transfered last week but transfers are this wednesday.So im still in my same area with my same companion. Well im going to start with the start of the week, this week has been super difficult as usual, though this sunday made it all worthwhile. I dont know if i will ever be able to come homesickness, it is so overpowering. and its so difficult to overcome, but i work nonetheless, i work hard, but its very difficult. The weeks fly by! But the days are so long, but its ok because im used to it, i know that one day i will be the missionary that im fighting to become.In our district meeting this week we had a training on how to put baptism dates in the first visit, so that we can see if they are willing to progress, it reminded me of the wheat and the tares, that we can find out if they are ready if they accept to be baptised the on the first visit, and we learned a great way to help them say yes, so they dont feel pressured, so im liking that part, its a great way to get more baptisms.Well speaking of baptisms, we baptised the Ramallos family yesterday! If this wasnt a miracle i dont know what is! I met them a month ago and they completed with everything, they got rid of all the catholic traditions, followed all of the commandments and are reading and praying everyday, it has felt like a sprint, haha because the other two families are slowpokes and it is difficult for them to progress.And this was a special baptism also, because another investigator from the other companionship in my ward baptised also, she has investigated for 8 years! And so last night we had the whole ward there and it was amazing, we never had the support of the ward before but we worked really hard and we got them to come, it was really good and i loved it. We baptised 5 of the 7, the other two are too young, and they are monsters! They destroyed the sacrament meeting yesterday, they are impossible to control, and the other kids follow them also. But whateverhaha. Well i got to go, ill let you know how the tranfers go this next week, i dont want to leave. Love you!

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