Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday, June 28 2010

Im going to start with the most important thing first, Grampa and steph, i found the biggest avocado that is imaginable! But the neighbors wouldnt let me have it so they gave me the littlest one they had, which is in the photo, the others were about the size of my head! man it was crazy awesome! Well this week has been interesting, i havent felt the homesickness at all, yet i have felt like its the longest week yet, i worked hard everyday yet i felt like i wasnt achieving my best, this week has been HOT, about the same as judd, but a little less, about 33, which is like 86 degrees, or something like that, and its humid also, but it didnt really affect me that much, i just needed to shower a bit more thats all, something interesting that happened this week is that week had a Religion convention here in Posadas of all of the religions, and as usual our religion was practcally forgotten or ignored, but it was fun to help people open their eyes a bit instead of having all of the fear that they have, i got to talk with a bunch of little kids from ukraine who did a one of those russian dances, reminded me of the twins, it was a huge testimony builder also, im not really sure what triggered it but after thursday i was so excited to be a representative of the church and even though it was really hot i enjoyed it a little bit more, i have also read my patriarchal blessing every day and that has helped me alot, and ive fervently prayed to help me keep in the attitude i am having, its still tuff but im looking at it in a little different way which is alot easier. Well i think i broke the record in the mission for how many investigators that come to church, i brought 17 to church, and man i didnt know what to do! We filled the church with less actives and investigators and it was really good to see, the members were a bit more helpful and suprised to see missionaires working, since my area is pretty famous for just having lazy elders, so they are really shocked that we have 16 baptisms in two weeks, so hopefully this will get the work moving even more, the president had a revelation that we can baptise every week, and to help us have the faith to do it and to help us achieve it we are learning alot of new things which are really bold and interesting,i will be interested to see what will happen, i dont know what it is but the mission is getting better and better, there are more and more rules to help us get more sucess and we are learning how to have more sucess, i feel like the lord is teaching us how to be better when we are more ready to listen. So its good to see the turn around in the misson since i got here. Well one more week until the wedding of the pacheco and they are ready for baptism, the Ramallos are also ready and wanting the baptism, its so wierd that we havent had to work really hard with them for them to believe everything, its been really easy so far, but i believe that they have a doubt, we will find it. The Gomez family is continuing to progress, now we are just waiting for the marriage, we have another man who is wanting to bapitize named jorge, he is an awesome man, his wife is less active and they live in a way crazy neighborhood, so we cant enter much but he is progressing well. Well i have one and a half weeks left with Elder Soclle, we have been together 6 months or so, and it will be interesting to see the changes, its been tuff at times, especially during the world cup right now, he really wants to watch tv and when argentina plays he doesnt want to work, its been tuff completing with the weekly goals and im a little frustrated, and that has worn down alot of patience but im pushing forward and trying to show my love, haha but its fight.Well today we had a bbq to celebrate all of the hard work we did this week, that was alot of fun, we spent a lot of time cooking eating and talking about sienfield haha, a fun break from the everyday routine,
Happy fathers day last week, i dont know if i said anything last week so i say it now, i always love to get letters from you dad, and just like Judd i look up to you in so many ways, i love you so much dad, thank you for everything. Well i am glad to hear about life at home and the vacation, it sounds like such a fun time! Its been wierd that this is the first week that i havent been excited for home, yet im neither excited to be here, i believe im in a weird phase, mostly im just trying to work hard until the transfer. Well i love you all so much! i cant think of much else to say, so ill write you next week!

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