Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday, October 17 2011

Wow Time has sure flown by fast! I cant even explain how i feel, but i sure am excited to come home. Ive learned a whole lot out here in the mish, now i feel like its time to come home. I guess this should be one of my most meaningful letters since its the last one that ill give as a missionary, yet i have no capacity to think... My brain is dead, scrambled, all that stuff. But as Dad had said, as ive been working this past week i truly have felt as if i have given my all, i have felt as if god was ok with the work ive done, i know i could have done more, yet with all my weaknesses i felt like i did the best i could in the circumstances that i was in.
My last sunday i was given a talk in sacrament meeting as my farewell talk. Ha they truly acted like family for me, and it was a very powerful talk, almost everyone was tearing up for a second. So i hope that made a difference. They all treated me like a king, man sure was hard to leave them all.
Ive spent the weekend working during the day and having dinners at night with special investigators, converts, and awesome members, so it was quite fun, i might come back a little chubbier than i wanted but its worth it, the food was great! Got tons of pics so its gonna be some great memories.
Im glad that God had found me worthy to be called one of his servants for two years, when i started the mission i saw it as a huge sacrifice, but ive learned to appreciate everything a whole lot more, come closer to my savior, and have learned alot of things and have had many sacred expericances. Most of all ive become converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ, the promise in DC 18 is true, how great will be my joy if i just have converted myself. Now ive laid the foundation of my lifestyle for the rest of my life! And ive tried to enjoy those moments so difficult. Ive hoped to have touched the life of those that I had promised in the eternal worlds before this one, i hoped to have not have failed anyone id promised.
Well i dont know how great of a letter this has been, im not much for writing or thinking, yet i want all to know, that ive dedicated my life to the lord, that this is true, not just a belief, and that this is what its all about, we work for things eternal.

Ive fought the good fight, ive finished my course, ive kept the faith.

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