Saturday, December 12, 2009

Friday, December 11 -- The Final MTC Email!

Wow where has the time gone!?!?! Hey fam! Today is my last p day in the mtc!! About time haha, i am so excited to get out of here and to head to Argentina where i can finally start actually doing what ive practiced what ive done all day for the past nine weeks!! So really quick i leave here at 5 am and get to Dallas airport around noon so ill call around then! And then i can call later that night around 5 or so when i get to Miami and then i have a 14 hour flight to buenos aires, which im pretty psyched for! Over half of the population of Argentina lives in one city so im way excited to see how big it is! This week has been a very easy week and went by super fast! Im really going to miss the friends i have made here, but im so excited to finally get out, this past week i have had an obsession with elder holland!! He is absolutley my favorite speaker ever, he is so bold and i am addicted to every talk he gives, there are alot he has given at the mtc that are so much better than any general conference talk so its been a huge blessing to hear those talks. Thank you so much for all of the stuff you guys have given me! It means so much! This week, not much new stuff has happened, im going to send alot of pictures home and alot of other stuff, maybe, i dont know how im going to pack, ill probably just stuff it all in the case and then deal with it when i get into the field or something, everyone is having a problem with being overweight with their baggage but i seem to be the opposite and i am starting to wonder if im forgetting everything haha, but oh well. I met with the consul of Argentina this week, who was really chill and very nice to us, even though you can tell he likes to make fun of the missionaries, he counseled us to not ask people about religion which was funny to me, alot of missionaries took that very seriously and actually started causing contention which was retarted, but i liked to visit with him and im excited for Resistencia, ive talked to alot of Argentines and they said that all of the people from Resistencia are mean haha, so that makes me even more excited! I cant wait for the rejection! It sounds alot of fun to me for some reason, maybe it wont be when im out there, but at least i can laugh anything off that goes bad. Anyways i cant wait to get there, i have no clue what it looks like, feels like, or in any way picture what it is like! Nothing else is really new yet, i dont know if i have my visa but im not worried, um... yup i saw my teacher for the last time last night, that was sad, he was a really good example. Hmm, i cant think of much else, maybe its because i get to call so that will be better, i hate writing haha. The zone im in is really hating that we are leaving because we have been so close and tight but i am pretty excited to go! The temple was so good for the last time in two years so im glad i ended on a good note! Anyways i love you so much and ill call you on monday! Oh if you didnt get my letter i sent home i really want another sd card for my camera if you can and a collapsable laundry bag, or just even a bag so i can pack it up and take it home. Well i love you all and next time you will hear from me ill be on my way to Argentina!! I love you all so so much! Thank you for all of the letters and support!

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