Monday, December 21, 2009

Hot! Hot! Hot! - Elder Horrocks Discovers Argentina

So i met my trainer on thursday morning and we jumped on the bus to my first area, a little town called Jardín next to Posadas. The bus ride was ridicoulsy beatiful! it is so green here and beautiful, i have never seen so much variety in trees! haha i got off the bus in Posadas and i just started to sweat! And i havent stopped since, i cant explain how hot it is here, my apartment doesnt have air conditioning so i havent had the opprotuntiy to stop sweating yet haha, its very uncomfortable and is very hard for me to focus on the work and to do my best. Haha for me the heat is very hard to ignore! I am just going to have to get used to always beeing overheated but oh well, that just makes me appreciate Salt Lake City even more! all i know is that i have been called here for a reason and the heat will only build my character. but man is it hot... haha, on friday we taught an investigator who is 15 years old his final lesson before he got baptised. That was pretty interesting, then we taught a few other lessons that day that i really dont remember, it was just sooo hot! My trainer is named Elder Stone and he is 6 feet 7 inches tall, and he has only been out a year but he has 21 baptisms which is only 4 off the record, he has 6 baptisms set up for january so its pretty cool that i got set with a trainer that is really successful and teaches just i like i want to teach. So saturday we had a very good time, i taught a family about the restoration and then we asked for a referral, and they gave us a family who had been inactive for 13 years because its such a long walk to the church and some other reasons i didnt understand, and trust me i know haha, ive walked there 3 times in the past 3 days and it takes over an hour from the area in where we serve. Anyways they became 7th day advents and they are supposedly the hardest people to teach and to give the gospel but they were so welcoming and they did put up a good fight but after an hour they gave in to our teachings and started to accept what we had so i was pretty excited and its my first legit family that ive started to teach, which was pretty exciting. Then we ate lunch at a members house, which the food here is pretty darn good, their jucies are out of this world and they are pretty good cooks, but they feed you until you cant eat anymore or else your being rude so thats pretty fun. The members do my laundry and they really take care of us, im pretty lucky since im in the only area that actually has a ward, so it is pretty cool, we teach more lessons with members helping us than we teach other lessons, so we are completly opposite of all of the other missionaries lol. then we had the baptism which was interesting to watch, i didnt really feel like i helped so it was just like watching a random person get baptised but it is recorded as my first offical baptism so i have one haha. After that we had to walk an hour back to the neighborhood, i definitly had heat exhaustion and i felt so sick, yet we still had like 3 lessons to teach and i was dying, this was defintily the hardest part of my mission by far, at least ten times harder than anything else i have ever done, during this time i kept thinking how easy it would be to be home with my family relaxing in the cabin with snow outside and the ability to shiver, something i miss so much haha, anyways it was tuff but after hours of constantly praying and studying i feel like i have overcome my problem with the heat, and i am becoming more and more like the best missionary i can be, so as i forget myself and go to work my day just goes by easier, and as long as i have the comfort of the holy ghost i can be anywhere doing anything. In conclusion, be grateful for where we live, ive never seen such poverty in my life and it is so depressing to see where everyone lives, most of my area is goverment built houses but there are some areas that are just tin squares, its depressing. but then it reminds me of how lucky i am to have the house and all of the stuff we have and to have air conditioning, the absolute best invention ever haha, and they have such a focus on people here rather than possessions, they are so friendly and nice, even the drunks who like to attack us at first become friendly in the end. i hated it here for the first three days, but as my heart has began to change and i have given myself to the work i have begun to love it, i have a long way to go to become who i want to be but im well on my way. i love you all and i cant wait to talk with you on friday, probably will be around 8 or 9 in the morning where you live. well i love you and cant wait to talk

This is a link to the Chapel Nathan Attends. It is a 1 hour walk to the church!

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