Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday, December 4 2009 -- He Misses Us!!

I am so missing my family!! haha but what can i do? Ive been working pretty hard here and alot has gone on this week, ive learned alot and i have finally won the loyalty and friendship of my whole district which is awesome, i have made alot of new friends which has been great and i have loved the MTC, but i am so ready for Argentina its not even funny! This week we went to the TRC, which is where we practice teaching in spanish and i totally rocked at it! But not because my spanish was good but because i didn't care how i sounded, my companion and i taught the greatest lesson!! The guy who we practiced with has become one of our great friends over the past few weeks, but its really hard to practice with him because he isnt good at pretending to be an investigator, if hes supposed to have a problem with the word of wisdom or have doubts about Joseph Smith he is the complete opposite and will testify on everything! haha so he mostly teaches us, but this week i wanted to really teach him something so i pulled out D&C 38:1 and we studied that verse for like 15 mins and then we discussed the atonement and then the nature of god, he was totally teaching us until i pulled out a scripture from john 5:19-20, which talks about Christ not doing anything the Father hasn't done and it really blew him away! He got so excited that when my teacher came to tell us its over that the guy told him to go away and give us more time to talk about it! It was alot of fun doing it in Spanish and it made me so excited to get out of here! Its easy to study hard here because i love it so much but when it comes time for class i would rather be out tracting or contacting!! Well this week was tuff at first because one of our district members did end up leaving, so we all were sad and sunday was like the worst day yet. We went to the temple sunday night to walk around it and it wasn't as fun as it used to be and we all just sat around, didnt really talk, well all of the sudden the member of our district who left came walking up to us, and told us of his story of how when he went home nothing made him happy until he decided that he would come back, it was really good and we were all so happy! Probably one of the happiest times of our lives when we realized that Satan had lost that battle that he thought he had won just a day earlier. So that helped with unifying the district and then something just clicked and now we are all as tight as can be! I really cant believe i only have one p-day left! i am so excited i cant wait to get out there!! We were supposed to get our flight plans yesterday...... So we are all a little worried so we hope they come tonight or monday. Alot of stuff has happened this week that has challenged alot of our districts faith, Satan is real, and hes working harder than ever to tear my district apart, and its very apparent to see those who were really strong at first starting to stumble now, and its so hard to see that, i am trying to help but i dont know how much i can do, i try to get them to stick to what they know, to always use the book of mormon and use it as their fortress so to speak, i dont have a problem with it, Satan has tried and failed with me and so such a loser has no effect on me. I am so excited to go down to Argentina and break the chains that satan has on the people down there. Stick to the basics of the gospel, with what has gone on this past week i am really worried for the members of the church, i keep thinking about how in the latter days satan will decieve the very "elect", he will trick those members of the church into believeing something that seems good, but its not. I have watched Elder Hollands safety for the soul talk like 6 times this week trying to understand to rely on the book of mormon and those leaders who lead us! Well i love you and know that i am doing well! Thank you so so so so so much for your support! I absolutely look forward to the letters i receive! I think this is the last week for packages! hahahaha i need more red cream soda! Anyways i absoltuely miss every single member of my family! This past week has been tuff on the district but i just recall all of the times that i have done stuff with all of my family and how the gospel has blessed us and i look at my grandparents and my aunts and my uncles and my cousins and my parents and my siblings and realizes that all of that is worth all that i have! That satan cant have any power over me after everything that everyone has done for me! You dont even know how much i love and miss you all!

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  1. Wow, MTC time is flying fast!!! We were about send the Christmas package to Provo and now it needs to go to Argentina. Feliz Navidad!!!