Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday, March 15 2010

Haha ya its crazy another week! And another transfer, which i am staying in my same area so we will see how it all goes, i get to learn more patience from my companion haha, its all for the best. This week has been interesting, tuesday was one of my most successful days in the mission we encountered alot of new investigators and we did alot of contacting, and i practiced simplifying my contacts with people, then wednesday morning i found out i was staying here and my companion and i laid cement for a part member family, which was alot of fun but really hot, which we continued the next morning, then friday morning we cleared out a backyard for a member so they can plant a garden, so we have done alot of service this week, which i have enjoyed, i really became acustomed to the heat and it hasnt been bad at all this week, but like always the hard part of the week is homesickness, which is such a struggle haha, i have a feeling ill always be homesick but i just need to work, and hopefully it will go away one day, so this week we have pretty much lost all of our investigators, one we baptised, Juan who is 14, so that was good, during the baptism the power went out so we had to wait for it to come back on, the baptism was kind of sad, since we had no support from the ward, none of the bishopbric or mission leaders came and it was only the missionaires and two kids that were playing ping pong at the church. But he was happy and thats all that matters. But the rest of our investigators we havent had any success, none are progressing and so were starting to drop more and more, this week we will spend all of our time in the streets looking for more new investigators, not much else has happened this week, it passed by pretty quickly and it wasnt that good of a week so its suprising how fast time flies, steph college is so much better, just perservere and enjoy what time you have left of that place, collin, havent heard from you in a while kid, kick butt in the meet, waste them all haha, abbey and hannah enjoy your honkin` play haha, i love you all and i enjoy hearing from you guys. Here are some pictures for you guys, of my apartment, my baptisms, and other stuff, we will see if it all works haha!

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