Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday, March 29 2010

FIRST THING FIRST!!! HA-HA-HA HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEPH!!!!!! There is an awesome present somewhere in argentina, or in the sky, or somewhere near america right now for you, also for abbey, and for dad, and you will know which this is yours, and abbeys, and dads, haha no need to say what it is, but i thought you would like it, i didnt have any money for collin mom or hannah but you will get your presents someday soon haha. Well this week was just as difficult but every week it is getting a little easier, ive read my patriarchal blessing every morning this week and every day i learn more and more, yes its good that i miss you guys but man it sure would be easier to serve a mission if i wasnt homesick haha, but dont worry i have definitly felt your prayers and even though its tuff i am learning to live with it more and more, in one or two months im sure ill be fine. Oh man i forgot that we had a dog! All of the dogs here are wierd, creepy and always dying, so its hard to imagine a good dog right now haha, and also carpet, i had to think for a minute what is carpet! haha wow im excited to see the house, haha i know the day i get back that its going to be so crazy different, im going to feel like a millionare haha, we are so blessed, and i know why also, i found it in my blessing! So thats been a huge help also, once i found my purpose its easier to work towards it, but i wish i was there to help, um, i dont remember the word, redo? the bathroom, i loved doing the other bathroom! My spanish has improved alot, my grammer is really good, i dont have to correct myself alot, and im speaking alot clearer, i used to think that spanish was just mumbling haha, the only thing im really lacking is pronunciaion and vocab, i have a very little word pool, i speak like a 6 year old haha. But its all good.
The weather here this week has been hot during the days and perfect during the night, so its not too bad, im used to always sweating and stuff, ive learned patience and endurance with the weather and i can wait another 18 months for my perfect weather haha.
Investigators this week... The gomez family was an inch from baptism! This week i had planned an amazing lesson on the importance of eternal families and the shortness of this life, or some thing like that, and it was so amazing that the Dad was pretty stunned, he ususally talks alot but he couldnt talk that much, it was great, then the next time we went to their house the dad was still at work so we were talking to the erst of the family and we chalenged them to baptism, the mom said yes and the others didnt have an opinion yet but they need to get married before, and thats not going to happen so we cant baptise them, we talked with Omar, the dad, but he is really stubbon and prideful, really prideful. Patience, haha, we are teaching a sweet guy named Rodian or something like that, he is a drug officer so hes always out on the river catching smugglers, its pretty cool but really dangeous, he had to move from buenos aries to posadas because the drug lords were after him, he said that in his neighborhood that people pay the homeless to kill people for 2 pesos, or .30 cents. He said there was alot of death, pretty stecky, but his sister is a member and he wants to get baptised so were going to baptise him in three weeks! The zerate family doesnt want anything to do with us so we left them, not much success this week, but were trying.
I am going to send pictures of all of the service i have done this week, the one when im on the roof we had to decontruct a house and it was so hot that in the end i was literally soaked head to toe, like i had fallen in a pool with my clothes on, and i burned my hands because the roofs are metal and the sun just cooks everything, the other is a service where we yet again laid cement, so awesome haha. So i need to recieve pictures from home also, if im going to send pictures i want some pictures back! haha, i miss you all like crazy! Thank you for the email grandpa and grandma, i do love trying to figure out what word your trying to spell haha, just kidding thank you for all of the love and support! I love you family and ill write you again next week, oh and i only get to watch sunday conference, so im going to want all of the talks later, well i love you and anything you want to know ill answer next week!

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