Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday, March 22 2010

Hello my family! First of all that sounds so cool about stephs random bingham prom dance, sounds like one of the best ones yet, Haha lanaya got engaged, not suprised! She always said she would haha, and jacob dimick got married! how cool! Ya the weather here is great today, 76 degrees with a crazy wild storm, a nice helper, the thunder and lighting here beats out utah 10 to 1 dad, the houses shake with each one, i couldnt sleep half the night haha, Dad tommys going down to las vegas also so maybe you can give him a call one day and hook up, or something haha.
So at the start of this week we didnt have any hope for any of our investigators, but during the week we were really suprised with the gomez family! They are all reading the book of mormon indiviually and as a family and all but the dad attended church! It was really amazing, the zerate family who we had no hope for, we passed by them and we were recivied with excitement, so we have alot of hope for them also! We found a family who almost baptised but for one reason or another didn,t but they want to go to church again so yet again heavenly father is showing us that there is always hope and he is preparing people to have the gospel shared with, we spent alot of time this week contacting in the streets and im getting better at talking to people, im really trying hard to focus on improving my teaching skills, like always this week has been really tuff, but im trying my hardest to forget my self, but homesickness is such a killer, the hardest thing ive ever had to conquer, like dad wrote in his email i felt like i was at the point of breaking two or three times, one that literally brought me to my knees, i dont know why my mission is so tuff haha, but im trying my best, ive definitly put my trust in god this week, and ive felt his love more this week than ever before, its painfully tuff, but i have a firm hope for the future, i feel it in my heart, my heavenly father is always with me, this is a time of learning for me, ive learned how to endure, and i can take alot of punches, Patience haha, im really trusting in dads promise and i hope to find the love of my mission, every week im a inch closer haha, slowly but surely, i love you all so much and i miss you more than words can write, im sorry about grandma, Argentina mail stinks, the only mail is Entre Ríos 435 - Resistencia - Chaco- Código Postal 3500, so keep trying i guess, or email is better, i always have time to read! Im going to visit iguazu falls in two weeks so that will be fun! Well i love you all and ill talk to you next week!

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