Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday, December 13 2010

Hey family! Mom i told you not to worry, we were just having so much fun that we didnt have time to write, the dog didnt do anything to my actual body, i thought it did, because my pants were shredded but in the end the dog didnt even pierce my skin. Ive tried to kill that dog ever since, every time i see it. Anyways this past week has been super crazy, it started off super hot, oh my gosh it was rediculous, im so sick of the heat haha, but it didnt affect me at all, Elder Myrer and I are great friends and its a super help to be with someone so positive like him, he reminds me alot like andy and judd, we got along super well, i was loving the start of the week and working really hard, then thursday we recieved a call and Elder Myrer left in an emergency transfer, a new elder from south Carolina came, Elder Moore, so now im the older elder or whatever its called, anyways now that im there i dont want to be haha, i was so used to just following, anyways Elder Moore is pretty cool. He can teach and talk super well in spanish, even though he only has 11 months in the mission. Its been pretty tuff since he has come because i lost alot of my desire with Elder Myrer leaving and now i have to build it all up again its tuff, but like you said its all in the attitude, yet again it seems like i can have only a couple of days of enjoyment haha, i really do feel like i have lost a good friend, i havent felt like ive had any of those in the mission, but really its all good. Well the work here is at a stand still, i can talk with alot of people, everyone accepts to get baptised, but noone comes to church, i need to learn how to do the work more effectively or something, but im trying my best, and thats all i can give. Yesterday we watched the christmas devotional and it really made me miss home haha nothing new. I have no clue when ill call, in the morning whenver you want, we have a phone in our house. Sounds like the perfect weather at home, and sounds like everything is going well. Well love you all, i am really trying to love the mission, one day! Loves.

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