Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday, December 27 2010

HEY FAMILY!! I just gotta say that dads present rocked!! HAHA i got a good laugh out of that one, thats pretty cool. It was really fun to talk with you guys, i didnt recognize any of the kids voices! Man time has gone by. Anyways sounds like christmas was pretty awesome, and everyone got cool stuff for christmas, my comp gave me a snickers bar, which was an awesome gift haha.I havent had a snickers bar in 14 months. This week has been super tuff with the work, the people were so focused on their beers and parties that they didnt want anytime for Christ, so it was a testimony builder for me, i realized this week that i really do just love testifying to everyone, to be super bold and tell everyone why im here, the way that most people stare at me afterwards makes me happy, because im sure its the first time they have ever meditated about the gospel in their lives.!The people in formosa are so freakin awesome, christmas eve we woke up to start working and everyone gave us this cheesy onion cornbread, so we ate like 5 pounds that day so at night when we went to the bbq we didnt have alot of space to eat the delicious meat. I really have never seen so much beer in my life! everyone was drinking, kids and all, super crazy! But luckily we didnt have any problems.Christmas i got to talk to you guys and then we ate lunch with our landlords, she is a univeristy psycologist but she truly believed that the chinese came from outerspace because they are nothing like us, so kind of wierd haha but they want to learn more about the church and im sure they are going to get baptised in february. Sunday we had a tuff morning, not one investigator came to church and there was no air conditioning, on top of that i was sweating up a storm because i had to give a talk, dont worry, it was the best talk ive given in my life, about the book of mormon, super awesomeI never sweated so much as yesterday, going so long in the heat gives a huge head ache, but i sure do love it here in Formosa, i was super homesick after talking to you guys but here all i ahve to do is go out and work and i go right back into the mood of the missionary, its super hard here because i dont feel progress, but at least im not homesickI actually feel like this is my life.That the other missionaries are my brothers and all, its a great feeling. I love the mish, the only worry i have is the heat, what a blessing. The heat is conquerable, there are alot of problems in the world that arent as easy to overcome, the spirit helps alot. Im learing alot, im becoming a missionary who actually recognizes the spirit, something that i thought was a myth before, i truly believe now the spirit is trueI feel it on a daily basis and i recognize it as more than just my thoughts, thats my blessing for the week. Even though this is the tuffest thing yet, im loving the forced growth that im recieving. I feel sick when i think about college or dating or anything that comes after the mish, so im content with my life. The only thing i want is variety, im sick of eating hamburgers on a daily basis haha, so lifes good.! Thanks friends for writing me! I got some super awesome friends!! And thanks family for always caring for me! I am sure lucky to have the fam that i got! Love ya all! PEACE! Oh hey, i found my evil twin here in Argentina, hes a super awesome, yet super mean guy haha, it was alot of fun to get to know him, wink wink..!

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