Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday, December 20 2010

Hey family hows it going! Im doing fine, todays weather is alot calmer than this weekend. This past weekend was true summer heat, like 113 with a whole bunch of humidity, and i was sick so that was pretty tuff, not the greatest weekend, a few of our investigators literally ran away from us when we passed by, and we had to let all of our investigators go because they arent progressing, so we have to start over all again, so its been a pretty downer week haha, but at the same time i have loved it because i have worked harder than i ever have before, ive been focused and the first time i got trunky was when i saw the pics of hannahs baptism, so this week was good, i was focused on the work until saturday, the heat still destroys me, but something that ill have to learn to overcome, super hard. The weather here is how it was in feburary in posadas so it will be interesting to see how this summer passes. Anyways, life with my comp is getting better, were becoming good friends. This week we found a family that is super prepared by god, in our first lesson i had what i felt was like dejavou three times in the lesson, when i saw like a vision and then i just said what i saw, so it was a super spiritual lesson, the first lesson that i have truly felt the spirit work through me in my mission. I was given what to say many times through these visions, super sweet. So im super excited to get to know them better, They have three kids, two are in the university studying engineering and a 13 year old girl. We passed by the next day to see how they were going and they were going out to have their own type of family night, they go on family dates like twice a week, something that i have never heard of here before, they literally are mormons without baptism haha. So that made my week, and whenever anything else bad happened i just thought of them and everything got better. So they are literally our only hope right now, the only investigators we got. I got an envelope from grandma jacobsen like the first week of november when i was in Reconquista, idk if that is the same one she sent, but anyways thanks grandma for that! When im in front of the computer screen i usually freak out and panick and can never focus, thats why i usually dont ever answer questions or say anything that you ask, just understand im under pressure haha. And ya i got a letter from derick and maria and from grandpa and grandma cow yesterday, thanks a whole bunch! And i forgot about collins birthday, happy late birthday collin! And happy early birthday mom! Im on a role remembering stuff, ill call like at 10 here, so be prepared! HAppy christmas to everyone and ill see ya all next week!
I would like to say that through all of these trials i am having, i do know with every fiber of my heart that this church is true and that its the only way to be happy forever. I love telling everyone about the good news of the gospel, i plan on staying member for the rest of my days on this earth, im grateful that my savior loves me, even though i do not understand the atonement, and im far from being close to him i feel his love and his mercy in my life every day. There is nothing better than living the gospel. LOVE YA!

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