Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday, March 14 2011

OLA FAMILIA!! Hows everything going? My life has actually been quite great this week, i did divisiones with one of my great friends in the mish, for the first time in my life i asked for a priesthood blessing and i really felt the effects of that blessing. I have studied self esteem so much this week that i feel like im back to normal, and maybe even better. This week has been tuff as usual but now i find it more enjoying. And were starting to have a little more sucess here, i still have alot to do but we are working on it, this week ive focused, like andy, on converts and less actives, and they are growing stronger, and they are starting to understand a little more, ive enjoyed alot of my time here this week, ive grown closer to almost everyone ive talked to haha. Its great, this week we had 6 baptisms in my ward, and of the 6 i found 3 of them, so even though i didnt get to teach them every single lesson it was super pleasing to me to see the people that i had found reach the waters of baptism, a very spiritual saturday. My understanding of the gospel is increasing alot and i feel like im starting to reach the level of conversion that i have wanted, ive always had a problem studying and now i feel like i can meditate a little more, i realized that i always saw the scriptures as a story and not as a book that can complete its promises, but now as i start to understand every word has and will be completed, its so cool, and now i can put it even more into practice and i have found more joy in the work, i love studying the gospel, makes me teach more simply and helps me to put it into practice. Ive learned alot this week, but i have so much more to learn, i dont have much time left, oh man sometimes i feel like its alot but as i see my progess i dont have much time to learn and apply what i want to be, because i know that after the mission i will have alot of things to distract me and it will be even harder to learn things that are quite easy here to attain. Anyways i dont know if im making sense, my head hurts so much, weve been in a capacitation all day, we havent had pday so everythings all scrambled up in my head! Happy Birthday to Grandma!! Wow only 50 years old ;) still maintaining the figure haha. Thats a cool story about Grant, thats something that ive tried to put in practice this week, its funny how god works, nothing is coincidence. Wow Chris Nestman came home!! Time just ceases to exist on the mission it seems. Oh i did not know that Sister Goats speaks spanish!! That blew my mind, i need to get to know my ward a little better, Thanks Ma and Pa Platt for the letter, your the best Ma and Pa (dont tell my parents). Grandpa and grandma cow, i laugh every time i read your letters, dont let the computer control you guys haha, your the greatest! I love you all!! Good luck steph on your student gov!

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