Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday, March 21 2011

HELLO FAMILIA!! Hows life!! This week was super tuff but i loved it!! I learned alot as usual! Im learning how to gain the ability to concentrate when im studying and im able to ponder and focus, its great. Ive always had a loose mind, it goes where ever it wants, but now im learning how to control it! Haha so now im quite content that ill be able to become even smarter and wiser! The weather here is great, some days its cold, like 75 degrees and other days its 100 but im used to it, so it doesnt matter. Whats hard is when i dont have investigators that want to progress, its been hard because i feel like i work so hard yet, like ive had in the past, i dont have sucess, im not looking for 10 families that progress super easy or anything like that, but i want to be able to teach people that want to act, who want to come closer to chirst, or at least find people who want to listen, i dont know why it got so hard all of the sudden but now its quite difficult to find people, alot different than when i got here. We are really only teaching one family, but only the dad and the oldest daughter are interested.I feel like my area is degrading a little but i have hope, i know that if im doing everything right that this is just a time of growth, and that ill be blessed with people who want to learn, i just hope that ive found everyone who god wanted me to find, this week is transfers, there is a 50/50 chance that ill leave, i kind of want to leave so i can start all over, but then again this is my favorite zone and there is going to be alot of changes in the ward, zone and mission so whatever happens im ok with it. The mission office elders say that they are going to divide my mission in two missions in june, the Resistencia Mission and the Posadas Mission. But its not confirmed, buts its a possibility.I dont even know if they have called a new mission president for us yet! Ya about Japan, we walked into a investigators house and we saw what was happening, so ya ive heard all about it, its a great way to talk with people, everyone is scared so we use that to get them to repent, to start to act, it works with the less actives haha. But ya its super sad, i always wanted to visit Japan, now would be a good excuse to go visit, a service trip! Great job Collin! Your the first of the kids to break a bone haha!! AND STEPH! CONGRATS!! Ms. President haha. Haha ya time is flying by, in two weeks im going to need to start my ¨six months to sexy¨ to get back into shape and stuff haha. Its going to be sad because im going to miss my little beer belly hehe. So whats up with Libia and the States, the argentines are mad at me for what we are doing... I have no clue whats happening.And i have one question, did the new eragon book come out? Anyways, i cant believe Jason Buck is coming home, tell him he will need to write me and let me know how his mission was and stuff, i miss the kid! thanks dad for writing, that was a great story about Dave Lyman, his a cool guy, i miss him haha, tell him hello! and grandpa also, thanks for writing, i laugh everytime! Thanks Kieth Low, and no, i never slept in your class, just meditating... And Dj Nuffer, let me know where you are going man!! Your the bomb!

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