Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday, July 11 2011

HOLA FAMILIA!!! COMO ESTAN!! Wow those are some crazy pics haha, thanks mom for making me even trunkier hahah. I didnt even recognize Jake, Danny and Jessica are the ones that have changed the most!! And man on the Jacobsen side the Christmans have all grown up! What a fun fourth of July! Congrats Derick on your new baby!! Thats so awesome, and also Lindsay for being pregnant, im going to get home not recognizing anyone except for my grandparents!! (Because they never change). So this week was hard, but im used to that, but yet again another week with more setbacks, so thats been harder, each week i loose a couple more investigators and dont find new ones, i did divisiones this week and the zone leader and my comp destroyed one of our investigators and her son got so mad at her mom for not accepting the gospel that he destroyed all of her saints and wrecked the house, it was quite aweful and it took alot to repair the gaps ripped open in the family, its still not back to normal but at least she cant worship her saints anymore, i think in the long run shes going to learn.=).Carlos, the man who has been having problems getting baptised is now able to, so hes super excited for that, so am i. The 23rd hes going to get baptised. Also we have two more investigators that im sure will get baptised, ones named Maria and man she is awesome, she couldnt go to chruch yesterday because she was hosting a fund raiser but the whole day she felt guilty for not going to church, she went home and read the book of mormon and as she was reading the spirit started to drop the cane, or in other words chastise her for not going to church, she felt like she needed to get baptised so that she could be a home teacher and to help her family, she recieved a strong answer that the church is true, and she couldnt wait for us to come over to tell us, so even though we had an aweful week, hearing her story was an awesome way to finish the work week off.Some interesting stuff that happened this week, i got pushed down by a angry catholic man, that was fun, i did divisones with one of my great friends in the mish, and we got to go to an awesome cemetary here, they are so different than from the states so im going to send a few pics, it was so cool and im sure it would be even awesomer in the dark! Everything is so creepy and man its old, they have these family buildings that they just put the coffins in so you can see the coffins and stuff inside these beautiful buildings, my pics will explain but man it was soo cool! And because of the black magic people here, many of the tombs are broken into, and you can see skulls and bones and stuff, pretty creepy, nothing like our house. But something really cool.
I always have alot to say but right when i get to the computer i forget what i was going to say. Thanks for writing me and making me feel good, haha its tuffer now i feel than before, but maybe because its all coming down to the end.This should be when im the best missionary ever so i hope to give it my all. It looks like i need to start working out a bit more, if im going to be able to take on jake danny collin and shane, but after the crime controlled streets of corrientes im not worried =) I got experiance! Oh i got to talk with my New Pres, hes so cool, hes dead set on helping me with what i need, i had a good talk with him. His wife had an ipad! Woah the technology that the states has blows me away, i totally forgot! Haha she let me play with it for a while, so cool! Its like a big ipod. Im sure thats how andy and judd must feel right now after hearing from kims email, its going to be wierd being home but at least i have a few more months to learn some more! LOVES YA ALL!!

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