Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday, July 25 2011

Hello family!! How goes it all!! Time sure is flying by!! I only have 12 more emails to send and ill be in the states, but lets not get trunky eh, so this week was a super difficult week, we have two people investigating the church, im not used to this, the less i teach, the more hard it is to focus and the less i feel the spirit, thats why i loved Formosa, even though the weather always stunk there, i taught alot therefore it was alot easier for me to focus and i had the spirit alot, but here walking around all day trying to teach people who dont want to hear is quite difficult, haha we are really fishing in the dark for these elect, but they are super hard to find.

We found a family two saturdays ago that they seemed to be interested, and man they have progressed alot! im pretty sure they will recieve an answer that its true, they have a couple stumbling blocks but im sure we can overcome them. The girls boyfriend worked at Deer Valley Resort in Park City, small world, the first person ive talked to that knows where South Jordan is haha.

So Carlos got baptised, this pic shows it all! It was an awesome saturday! 16 People got baptised, so i was quite pleased, he was crying the whole time, hes a special guy, wierd but determined to work hard, and endure to the end, when he got baptised he threw himself backward, making the biggest splash ive seen, haha its like he cannon balled himself into Baptism.

I dont know if ive told you guys about Maria, but she teaches weight loss classes in the district, someone gave her a teachings of joseph smith and she has ate that up! We can only meet with her saturdays and sundays yet she progresses by leaps and bounds! So shes going to get baptised the 13th of August, we are quite excited for her, shes going to be an awesome Relief Society Pres, since she loves to walk, shes going to help alot of people.

Wednesday rained from 4 in the morning to 11 at night, we got in one house during that day, we walked the whole day... No one even answered their door, man it was tuff. haha so i sent a pic of our check point to dry off, we had huge trench coats on thats why the water only gets to there, but my garments were soaked from top to bottom becaues they just suck the water like a sponge, it was so cold! HAha but today is really hot, so i dont understand this weather, usually winter means cold, they have it all wrong here haha.

Im quite stressed with the work, but im sure everything will work out fine, in the end, i was called to search out the elect, not force every single person to baptise, i must complete with the calling ive been asingned and thats all.

To answer your question mom, im pretty sure you can hit it right on the bullseye but off the top of my head i would believe what ive learned the most is Patience and Perserverance, to trust in the feelings i receive from Heavenly Father and continue. Im not sure that ive learned much but ive grown a little, for the first time the scriptures and the doctrine have sunk into my heart, even though i knew it all before, i now understand it. A little better haha.

So dad got an ipad also!! And stephs going to geta mac book? Thats cooL! I cant wait to get back to see how these are, cool stuff!
Anyways dont forget about me!! Continue praying alot!! I need people to teach!! I need to change! LOVES YA!

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