Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday, July 17. 2011

Hello family! Sounds like mom barely survived the ticks and the snakes, i cant imagine that our mountains there are near as bad as my bed room here, the mountains are quite clean, at least the snow and the cold repel almost all the bugs, but here in my apartment, no matter how much we clean, we always have a bunch of visiting cockaroaches, spiders, mosquitos and the occasional scorpion. This week was super hot, and so humid that our floors were condencing, like a glass full of water, so there was water everywhere, it was only like 90 degrees but with the humidity it was so difficult!! I thought it was winter here haha, and the work here is quite different in the heat, noone would answer their doors so basically i spent the whole day walking... Very difficult, but really the heat doesnt bug me near as much as it did before, thankfully Formosa helped me overcome that challenge hehe. 
  The work here is quite slow, alot slower than Formosa so im still getting used to that, almost all of the new investigators that we find dont progress at all, so thats been the most difficult thing for me to bear, its not that fun not having success, especially when you want to help the people so much, Corrientes is alot more frustrating because the people are so much more difficult to help, the religiones here have such corrupted doctrine, the most retarted explanations and even when sharing the scriptures most of the people will choose to believe in what their leader says than what the scriptures say we should do, but im coming to understand alot of things throught these difficulites, at least i have come to be super grateful for how simple the gospel is, and how easy to understand and how clear our doctrine is, there is not a church more perfect, and im super grateful for that. 
Other than that, we have an awesome baptism program planned for this saturday, every companionship in the zone, 10 companionships have at least one or more baptisms so we are all going to go to the same church and have a huge baptism! I think 16 people are going to get baptised, so we are quite excited! Carlos, our investigator is so excited that he invited all of his friends to go to the baptism also, hes visiting less actives and trying to help them go back to church so he is super cool. Maria, one of our investigators is always talking about how excited she is to get baptised, shes read half of the book of mormon in one week, but shes having a hard time waking up sunday mornings, haha so we are trying to help her, thats her only weakness, she loves sleeping in. Other than those we have lost everyone, but we must continue to find those that are waiting for us, we have a few future baptisms, i believe im going to have sucess in this area, even though it is so hard, But at least 21 months of experiance have given me the ability to be able to cope haha.
Today we played tennis, and i was suprised to find out that i also played quite well at that sport, i dont know whats up with that, but maybe ive been given awesome sports skills ever since ive come to the mission haha!
I made deep fried french toast this morning in honor of my three months left, it was super delicious, i love cooking when i feel like i have the time. 
Thanks for always supporting me and praying for me, i probably wouldnt have gotten this far without those prayers! LOVES YA

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