Sunday, October 18, 2009

Nate's First Email!!

We were thrilled to receive an email from Nathan. Saturday must be Nathan's P-Day. Here are the highlights of the first email. Note that Nathan would love to receive as many letters as possible. His MTC address is posted on the previous blog, and you can send a letter through

Hey thanks for the letter i enjoyed it!! So far the MTC has been great and i really enjoyed it so far. My district is really cool and i really have a good time with them! There are 11 of us and we really push oursevles in a very fun way so we are always enjoying it. The first day was so long and everyone said if you can get past sunday everything will go by faster. but I already feel like time is just flying by! I already can teach the first lesson in spanish and im taking the lessons in spanish right now. I am learning so much which i didnt think was possible ha! All of the seasoned missionaries are teaching me tricks to make life easier and to enjoy myself! Ive hung out with Jordan Dimick here and with Lance Mcgavin or whatver his first name his. Kaylen is here and weve hung out steph. Alyssas boyfriend is here right now and he doesnt look like hes too happy. Ive seen alot of people here from school that are so excited to see me here and its alot of fun. The food is absolutley delicious and im loving it! The beds rock and i sleep so good except for last night i was too excited for today that i couldnt sleep. My Distrcit is by far the coolest district and we are telling each other jokes and having a good time. they are very spiritual and just like me so they know when they can be loud and obtrusive and when we need to be serious. my companion is a little guy from sandy, he wrestled in jordan high back when i went to school. hes pretty cool, kind of conservative but laid back and chill, but hes awesome. My teachers havent shown up yet so for the first two days weve been teaching ourselves which is amazing. never would any other 19 year olds sit in a room for 6 hours straight studying, take a 30 minute break for lunch, then get back in the class for another 6 hours by themselves! it rocks we make learning fun and im impressed that we did it all by ourselves! i speak only spanish to a few in my district which is alot of fun because not everyone knows hwo to speak so we can have alot of fun with that! Well im doing my laundry so i need to get back! tell dereck thanks for the letters and tell all of my friends to write me at dear elder. com! were having a contest in our district to who can get the most letters by the time we leave! I love all of you and goodbye!! ELDER HORROCKS- Team Teancum!

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