Saturday, October 24, 2009

Week #2

Well, we thought Nate's p-day is Saturday - but apparently it is Friday. Anyway, here is his latest letter. (He still sounds great!!)

Family!!! Life is so good here at the MTC! Thanks for the cookies and the letters! It really is a good morale builder to get letters so get sending some more!! haha i taught an investigator this week and i did ok, i completly bombed the spanish part haha but thats ok, the guy kept laughing at me so i couldnt think haha. My teachers came and they completly rock! i have learned so much from them and they are really fun. My district is like the coolest kids ever! We are always hanging out with eachother from the moment we wake up to the second we go to sleep! We know when we have to be serious and when we can mess around! We study super hard and super alot! But when we do have free time we like to spend it doing nacho libre impersonations and quoting hot rod in spanish which is really fun! We go crazy and its alot of fun! We also like to go around and take pictures of us trying to be models haha, we like to make the other elders feel awkward and it just kills us with their reactions!! The devotionals and firesides rock and i have done so much!! i have grown so much!! I am loving it here, i have had three hard days when i have done nothing but think about home and stuff but i got over that! My teacher told us to stop being selfish and to realize the greater good, i did not like being called selfish so i stopped that instantly!! I will ahve to send some of my modeling pics! i know that i could probably sell those to Mr Mac for alot of cash! haha but anyways ive had fun! I have been yelled at on the phone by old creepy people and i chatted with a guy online who said hes addicted to eating childeren! and to a guy who thought we turn into planets when we die! haha all fun stuff!! Oh i have been playing soccer lately and during one game i thought i would try to be the hero and i dove in front of probably one of the hardest kicks the world has ever seen! The ball smashed into my face so hard that it knocked me in a complete 180 and i hit the ground hard! I couldn't talk or eat the rest of the night because my jaw was all swollen but now i feel perfect! it rocked! my head stopped the ball from going in and we won the game! haha anyways i have to do my laundry so ill talk to you later! Peace!

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