Friday, October 30, 2009

Our Third Email!!

We can hardly wait each week to get Nate's letters. Here is this week's email. He sounds absolutely fantastic! We are so proud of him. Hopefully next week we will have pictures!

Friday, October 30, 2009:
Dont worry i get all of your dear elders and they rock! i get one like every day haha. To answer some of your questions i like my companion alot he is short and quite funny! He is really random and i laugh all of the time, but we both have a hard time working really hard and so we tend to convert to be vegeatables for a half hour or so everymorning. but we have become the cool kids to hang out with haha, everynight everyone comes to our dormroom and chills for an hour or so. its alot of fun, ive met alot of cool guys here! and alot of cool sisters! We have a sweet sand volleyball team with me, elder diderickson, and three other sisters who are way good at it! I have been homesick like once but then it was for like only the morning because i cant be selfish and think like that. i am trying my hardest to be the best of the best! the contacts that i make are real people who most of the time just want to tell us we are crazy and love to yell at us! On wednesday me and two other elders were chatting online with this guy who was proving everything with science and just causing alot of problems. We kept our calm the whole time and he just kept trying to prove god doesnt exisist with science. Then we asked him if god didnt exisit why is the world beautiful? if it was just science wouldnt everything just be made to survive. Then he said it was because the world had 4.4 billion years to become like this or something like that. Then we asked, well then what is our purpose on this earth. That question broke him and he started to give in and it became an awesome experience! Im as healthy as a horse! haha i have actually lost 4 pounds which is crazy since i have eaten so much every meal! i drink like half a gallon of choclate milk every meal! and the food rocks here! i love it! I went to the TRC again this week to talk to a new investigator and i did it all in spanish and i only understood half of what i said and it rocked! she was very impressed with me and we eventually got her to read the book of mormon. I loved it and i had alot of fun going door to door there speaking spanish to volunteers. the coolest thing about the mtc is that when you practice it is just about as real as the real thing because the spirit still prompts you to do different things which is so cool. My teacher Hermano Zirkle rocks! He is the best! he really helps me to work hard and become the best i can be. I have learned alot and its crazy! I cant send pictures but i will mail some home this week! Keep writing and ill write you next week! Thanks for the picture hannah! it is like the scariest, coolest halloween decoration ever, thanks mom for the carmels and for the cookies, my district loves it! Um, l tom perry came and talked to us and i got a bloody nose right at the start and once you leave you cant get back in so i couldnt get up and fix it, so i sat there for an hour and a half with blood all over my arms and face lol, i looked like i got my butt handed to me by the end of the meeting. But it was so worth it! It was a good talk, and the sunday night devotional blew my mind! Real quick synopisis described our sun is not powered by nuclear fusion but it really is powered by Kolob! Check out the Abraham stekch, no 2. It tells all about it and he used all of this science stuff to prove it, i loved it. i had prime rib dinner in the temple today with my buddies and it rocked! Anyways love ya guys!

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