Friday, November 13, 2009

District Leader! November 13, 2009

Here is Nate's latest letter:

Well hello!! This week has been a very busy week and a very fun one at that!! I have studied the crap out of everything i could and i have done very well in speaking spanish, i try every other day to speak spanish all day!! I love it!! Right now im just learning to focus on peoples needs and that is the tuffest part yet!! So i have had alot of teachers help me practice by going to this website called 6 billion others which you definitly have to check out! its awesome!! Thats all i have to say about it, that should spark your curiosity enough to go check it out! but i love it! I am pretty much missing any type of music possible so i spend alot of my free time, usually less than 15 mins a day, playing the piano!which is fun and something that i really missed! I have learned alot about the gospel and spanish which is so cool! Because i know that i couldnt do it by myself! The only free time i have is at night when all we do is quote lordoftherings and write in our journals. I was made District Leader last sunday so i have alot of responsiblities and so my sundays are packed from 7 to 4! I dont even have time to study on sunday but its ok because i love my district and i love to be their leader, even though they are way better than i am! My two teachers are the best! They are so inspiring and make us work harder than ever!! The toughest thing in the MTC right now is looking at the mountians and not being able to climb them! ahah but its ok! I love how much ive learned and have grown in the past couple weeks! I am already half way done with the MTC and its crazy!! Im having a hard time with talking when i wake up for some reason though, my jaw, for the past week and a half, has hurt really bad and i am unable to move it for a few mins after i wake up, haha but i dont really care its just another challenge i can overcome. umm, this week has gone by too fast to think of everything i have done haha, i kind of have fallen into routine, studying, studyimg, studying, studying! So not much new has happened! I sent some pics home so i hope you like those!! I have made alot of friends this past week and its so wierd to see all of the ones i made at first leave, its wierd how it seems the mission is always getting rid of the friends you make, if that makes sense, but its for a good cause i guess. Anyways we get to go to the temple once a week and i love it! I will spend more than an hour in the celestial room and just think!! Its the best! Well not much else has happened since last week, be sure to keep me updated on home!! i sure miss you guys! I love you all!! My favorite chapter of the book of mormon is Alma 26! Everyone read it! PEACE!!

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