Saturday, November 28, 2009

Friday, November 27, 2009

Tuff week... Haha but it was a good learning one, during the temple last week i just thought so much about how i can help the elders in my district who are having a hard time putting their heart into the work, so on sunday i gave a really powerful lesson on getting your heart into the work, and i know that it worked on one or two of the elders. And then i had some really good friends, who i met the first week i was here, leave on monday and that really sucked! Now everything i do without them just feels empty and it is not a fun feeling at all. But ive worked really hard this week trying to push past all of the tuff feelings that ive felt, Elder Oaks really helped me on tuesday night when he came to visit and that was a really powerful experience, one i will never forget, after his talk i never felt so much excitment to get down to Argentina, but sadly some of the Elders in my district didn't heed his counsel... Wednesday was by far the worst day, from the beginning of last week one of the elders in my District has had a hard time and really has wanted to go home, because he doesnt feel adequate enough or something, so hes been sleeping during study and really putting a damper on his companion, well Wednesday afternoon, after gym we went to class and he and his companion never showed up. This made me uneasy so i asked if anyone in the District knew anything about it, two elders, who were roomates with him and his companion, said they knew what it was but that it wasnt my concern. I asked them as District Leader if it was something i was to know about since it was my responsibility to take care of my district, they told me to back off and that it was none of my business... So i continued to worry about him, feeling deep inside that i knew what was wrong, anyways the companionship who knew something got up and left saying they needed something from the room, the rest of us sat in the room and didnt know what to do so we just studied, after about 5 mins i felt a really strong impression to go find this Elder, because something wasnt right, so i grabbed the rest of my district and we ran around the MTC trying to find him. After 30 mins we found the companionship and his companion sitting in a hallway near the main office, the elder was calling to have his parents come get him. The whole time i was there the three elders wouldn't tell me anything and totally treated me like crap, saying this is none of my business and i have no room to do anything. So i didnt know what to do for about fifteen mins until Elder Taylor, a good friend in the District, came and i told him what was going on, and he totally chastised them with the Spirit and it was really cool to see that, totally reminded me of Nephi. Anyways we sat in the hall, my companion and i with the rest of the elders going to Resistencia, and then the other companionship and his companion sat down the hall, not wanting anything to do with us. THey are all going to Neoquin, so i ran up and grabbed my teacher and told her what was wrong and she came down, anyways to make a long story short he was convinced to stay and now we have this huge rift in my district, resistencia whose trying to be nice about it, and neoquin who wants nothing to do with us, and im really frustrated trying to figure out how im supposed to get the group back together when one side hates me and the other likes me... Its really tuff and ive talked to my teachers about it and it is by far one of the most difficult challenges of the MTC. Other than that Thanksgiving was awesome, Elder Holland came and talked to us so that was freakin awesome! Dinner was delicous but it was wierd, i had a very weird feeling the wholetime, homesickness mixed with excitement. After that we had a few humanitarian meetings preparing us for the nighttime and then we had two hours of free time, most of which i spent with the other districts in my zone because my district wasn't doing the best after what happened the night before. Then we had a good service activity and ended the night with song. loved it! Then i spent a full 3 and a half hours in the celestial room where i had an awesome feeling of eternal yearing if that makes sense, its the only way i can describe it! I cant wait to leave this life after my experience today haha! Anyways thank you so much for all of you love and support! Home sounds like alot of fun and i miss you guys sooo much! Tell Luna i miss her so! I need a pic of our family!! i dont have one yet! Oh and i need a pic of luna and i need a laundry bag... Anyways thanks for the gifts this week! i loved the red cream soda! If i can have one thing it would definitly be that!! Love you and see you in DECEMBER!! Christmas SONGS!!

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