Saturday, November 21, 2009

November 20, 2009 -- Loving the Service

Hey fam! Not much is new here, life is good and everything is pretty fun. To answer your questions my jaw is fine and im not sure about my visa but as of right now everything is fine. I am really wanting chips and salsa and real food, i dont really like cookies and to tell you the truth ive probably only had one cookie lol, the rest ive given away, the district loves the cookies by the way!! So if you want i would love some red cream soda and some really good chips and salsa, i cant think of anything for christmas, probably nothing would suffice for right now haha. Im happy with what i have. Oh this week i need you to buy me a normal basketball so we can give it to one of our teachers who has been a good help, they arent allowed so make sure to package it good. I really need it, its not for me but for my teacher. She deserves it, my teachers have been a really good help and i am so grateful for them! The Language is coming along great, we called people around the usa in spanish and that was really tuff but it was fun. I am really, really, really missing music and that really sucks but its ok. Ill get to be the wednesday greeter once before i leave, but its ok i would rather study instead of doing that! Ive learned so much this past week its crazy! I have loved working so hard and i havent focused on my self at all this week! Its been awesome this week flew by so fast! Yesterday we were asked if we could help with a humanitarian project as a district and most of the district didnt want to because it was during our p day and we would only have like a half hour for letters. But as i was thinking that day it was really ridiculous that after all we have learned to put the lord first that they would rather have their day of rest, so that night i pulled everyone into my room and told them how rediculous it was that we are too selfish to do service for the lord! After a couple mins of chastening they all were willing to help me with the service today and it turned out to be a great experience, i could have used the sleep because i haven't been so exhausted in my life! But i knew i couldn't be selfish and i am trying to give my all to the lord, and how would i show that by taking a nap instead of serving? Anyways i love being district leader because as the days wear on us we start to lose confidence and a positive attitude and through this i get to help my district pull through the stresses and the hardships and its alot of fun for me, its real life for everyone else but to me this is a game, i love it here, the exhaustion, crappy food(because its the same everyday pretty much), the endless hours of studying (which doesn't seem like enough time!), and the endless amount of friends i get to have, even though it sucks when the mtc takes away our friends. Thats the worst part when youve had a friend from the beginning and then they take them all away, but thats life and its for a good purpose. This week i had a few way awesome chats online with people, my favorite was a guy from Jerusalem who had a hard time with faith, to make a long story short he talked for a long time before i got him to start answering his own questions and in the end as i was finishing i felt the absolute, overflowing love for him, and an overpowering thought that said that "I love him so much." And i knew Jesus Christ was using me to help this man, i let him knew exactly how Jesus felt about him and i was so blessed with that experience! My companion is alot like Collin! He is way random and insanely funny, (Speaking of which Collin, his cousin created The Misadventures of FlapJack!) So we talk about that cartoon alot at nights while we are falling asleep. He cant really say his "th's" that well and come out as D's which is so fun, hes such a chill companion that when we are forced to have inventory to see what we can do better and to stop bugging each other we just sort of make things up to make the teacher feel like were trying, but we really have never had a problem. This week we both sprained our ankles pretty bad in gym so we were hobbling around the mtc like dorks it was alot of fun for some reason. Ya the only thing i really want is red cream soda and chips and salsa, lots of chips and salsa, thanks for all of the letters this week and thanks for all of the Jokes Derek! I used the watermelon and the football one in a LGM this week and it was pretty hilarious. Next week Elder Holland is coming to chill with us during thanksgiving so im betting that he is going to eat dinner with me ;) ill let you know how that goes! Anyways i love you guys and ill see you later!

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