Friday, November 6, 2009

November 6, 2009

Hi Everyone! This is a good one. I am so proud of Nate. He really seems to be growing spiritually. I especially love "top three moments" part. It brought tears. What a wonderful thing a mission is for a young man. Thanks to all for supporting Nate. We cannot thank you enough. Cindy

So to start off this week thanks mucho for all of the letters and packages this week! Its been alot of fun and a huge morale booster to get so much food and letters this week! Definitly a huge blessing and something that makes me work harder!! I love them!! Last week i had an amazing experience at the temple and i have been praying mucho to be a powerful instrument in the lords hand, well i am starting to see that. This week i have visted with two people in the rc and after long converstations i have commited them to church which is a big deal!! Both were baptisit and have had doubts about their faith. So that was a pretty cool experience! But the best was when i was just sitting in the Rc, where we get phone calls, while i was there a man called me asking about a one year initation thing which i had no idea, after alot of talking to him i found out he liked a mormon girl and she had light heartedley told him it would be a year if he joined before he could marry her, which i told him was the temple. Anyways he knew nothing of our church before he called me, he just had a crush on this girl, he is 37 years old and is a pastor in a church in Pheonix and owns a Taxi cab business there, we visited for an hour or more and everything we visited about he was so exicted for!! I would answer his most soul searching questions without even thinking it was difficult, like he didn't know families will live together forever, which he was pumped about because then he can hang out with his future wife forever! I pretty much told him everything i knew and he was so excited his voice was all quivering! Anyways to make a long story short i commited him to baptism and to go to church on sunday and i was so excited when i said he would love to! Because our church makes complete sense! Too bad i wont be the one to baptise him, but a good missionary in phoenix will have the easiest investigator of his life! haha i loved it and i can say it was in my top three happiest moments of my life!! After that experince nothing really that cool has happened, my spanish is fantastic and im loving it here, prayer works and is an awesome thing!! The food rocks and halloween here was alot of fun! We did absolutley nothing to do with it haha, i didnt even know it was halloween until i got a package that day from the sutherlands!! haha anyways i miss you all alot and im loving it here!! It goes by too fast though haha, i want it to slow down! anyways love you all so much!! If i had time i would write you all personally but i only have an hour or so! But i try and i love you all!!!! Peace!

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