Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday, June 21 2010

OOOH my stomach is grumbling just hearing about Mexican Food! If there is one thing i miss its Mexican Food! Oh man Texas sounds so much fun! I really miss the trips haha, but if there is one thing i have learned here is patience, so i can wait a little longer, i only have two thirds more, its not that much haha. Then i can enjoy all of the Blessings of the best family, in the best country, with all of the best things haha. I have been blessed so much, and i dont think i would have realized how much if i hadnt come here, so now i know what ive been given, and im thankful for that. Well this week has been super tuff as usual, but im pushing forward, ive done all i can to work hard and im not letting anything put me down, but its super duper tuff, this week i have woken up every morning with a sadness or homesickness feeling, in my soul that has been so hard to conquer, my mornings have really stunk this week, but i have pushed through these tuff times and i have been blessed, so this past week we went downtown with Sister Pachecho and her daughter to set plans for the wedding, they are going to get married on the 7 of July! That was a fun experience, and so they are progressing, they have alot of fear because they have been decieved alot by different churches but its ok, we are working with them.The gomez family will marry the 22 of july! and so finally they will baptize, but this is one week after transfers so its likely that i wont be here for them... Which really stinks but i know they will baptise so thats alright. Then the other family that we found the last week, Mario and his family, Ramallos, they went to church with us and they are super prepared for baptism! So if all goes well ill have 12 baptisms before transfers and then the gomez family after, but all in all ive been blessed. The Ramallos have a kid who is 5 years old, and he believed that Elder Soclle and i live in Heaven and that we come down to teach them haha, ive never seen a five year old who knows more or wants to know about the gospel, during sacrament meeting yesterday all of the little kids were causing havoc and he was on the front row, listening and so focused on the speaker, he listened better than i can haha, So im super excited for them. This week we had zone conferences and one of my friends from the mtc is in my city with me so that made me excited, it brings back alot of fun memories from the mtc. Well about the feeling that i have had in my chest for the past few weeks, its been really tuff to fight it out, and im always homesick or depressed or something, well i have fasted and today i woke up and for the first time in my mission my soul felt normal, so that is some progress that im really thankful for, one day i will really love my mission, ive been extremely blessed throughout this trial and i wouldnt give this up for anything, but i really would like to love to be here thats all. A love to teach and do all of the work for love instead of duty, but im working on it, patience and prayer. Well i love you all so much! And ill write you next week!

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