Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday, June 7 2010

Hey family!! Whoa steph got a diploma!! Haha how sweet! Grats steph! I hope that the parents didnt cramp your style haha, sounds like a fun time! Way to enjoy your last year of school! And abbey keep up the hard work! stay busy and keep praying! And hannah i miss you also!! My favorite animal is a wolf! I am definitly missing my family this week haha, but its alright because im working hard, or trying to haha, its been a tuff week as usual but its had its ups and downs, so first off i am still in my same area with my same companion, which i am loving, i didnt want to leave here so im excited for another six weeks, and to see all of the baptisms i have worked so hard to get, but im a little disappointed that i didnt get to train or become the senior companion, but hey its all good i get to see my baptisms and we will see what happens next transfer, the president asked my companion and i to talk in the zone conference about our success we are having with tripling the goal of investigators attending church, and the zone leaders called us to tell us that is why we are together one more transfer, because we are rocking it up in Itaembe! Tuesday night i was sure that i was going to leave, and i was so sick to my stomach, the whole day i felt just like the day before my mission, i couldnt eat and it was so hard, i felt like i was leaving on a mission again, not a great feeling haha, but i was so relieved when i got the call that said i was staying, i had told all of the members goodbye and i recieved some way cool jerseys from the members and now i get to stay haha! it was sweet!! Well this week has been tuff also, every night i have had a dream that someone was disappointed in the work i was doing and i have really become discouraged, so i have been fighting that all week but now im ok, my dreams are back to normal, and i am trying my hardest to give it all i have, its been tuff but as usual nothing is new, the lord is trying me and i hope that i will ahve the strength to pass, im really looking forward to the day i can wake up excited for the day! haha but until then im striving to find that goal! I have been really wanting to read the conference talks from this past conference but they are not here yet.So about my investigators, well the Gomez family is being a little flaky with attending church, its been like every other week that they come and they arent that persistant, but they are trying, they are used to partying all saturday night so they never have the strength to wake up haha, they are going to set the date of the wedding today, so we will find out tonight! They are reading and praying in family and so there is a huge change in the family its awesome! The Pachecho family is something else! They are a chosen family! From day one they have done everything perfect, they dont have any money, and they have alot of health problems but they always find the way to get to church every sunday, they arent even members and they are fasting and they are paying tithing and fast offerings! Every time we go to visit them they are studying the principles of the gospel book, its really amazing! They are a really humble family! I really dont deserve to be the missionary that found them but they are fantastic! We are teaching a friend of one of the members here, she is 17 years old and has 8 brothers and sisters, she knows the church is true and she is trying so hard to be the example for her family and is bringing her little brothers and sister to church! She is fasting, and praying everyday! She also reads to all of her younger siblings the book of mormon so that they can also learn! If all goes well the parents will start to change and in a month or two we can baptise them all! They are all working hard to help the parents, we are also working with a family of 5 that they want to get baptised because her sister in law is mormon and so were teaching them, but she lacks the desire to wake up early to go to church, its always freezing in the morning and she doesnt like the cold at all! So thats all of the good ones thats going on right now, and i love to teach them all! So everymorning there is very thick fog, its freezing and it makes everything wet, we never can have dry clothes haha, but its so much better than the heat that i had, its alot easier to walk around all day in the cold haha! Well i love youall so much! i MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH! Ill write you next week!

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