Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday, June 14 2010

Oh man texas!!! What a fun trip! Ya of course it isnt the same without me, like abbey would say, its alot more peaceful without nate haha, ya i cant wait to go on a trip also haha, i feel a little claustrophobic being in the same area for so long, and not only that but its so flat here, you can see over the trees so it feels like im in a box haha, i need some mountains!! Oh funny story, this week i washed my hands in a sink that had cold AND hot water, the first time in argentina that i had a choice, its so funny the little differences here, and this week a zone leader recieved a bag of reeses pieces and man every single one of those little buggers was a treasure, haha and the beef jerkey is like gold here haha, its so much fun to have all of the things that used to be so common be so rare all of the sudden, the missionaries here go crazy for the stuff and its alot of fun, this week i have worked harder than ever before, my numbers for the week were amoung some of the highest in the mission, so im proud of the work that i am giving, but i lack something, as i read judds letters i can really feel his desire to help people, and thats what i lack, im working hard to try and forget home and to do what i know i need to do but i dont feel a sincere desire, so im trying to figure out what i need to do, Uncle Bruce helped me alot and if any of you have any idea i would love it. I dont know how to truly forget myself. Well this week i have worked my butt off, and i have found some awesome blessings, we found a family that was totally prepared, just like the Pacheco family, i was on splits with the zone leaders and i decided to clap a house, because it was the only one that had lights on on the block, it was like any normal contact but when we passed by two days after the wife came out and begged us to come in, she told us that when we first came by that one of the kids couldnt stop talking about how jesus had finally come to visit his house, and as we taught the restoracion the wife afterwards told us that she had a strong desire to cry, and as she looked at me she told me that my eyes were glowing with light, that made me feel good that i could be worthy to have the spirit testify through me, well she prayed and knows its true and the dad is working on it, he believes but wants to know, they are a family of 7 who are MARRIED!!! so we dont have to wait months to baptise them like the Gomez and Pacheco family, so i am exicted. Well Gomez decided to get married the first week of july so hopefully i will get to be here, it will be the last week of the transfer so im pretty nervous that it might not pass, but we will see. The Pacheco family is in a stalemate, she cant get married only because she doesnt know if your old husband died or is living, so we will ahve to find out tomorrow...Its such a different place here ha, so this week i can now finally say that i have eaten very organ that you can find in a cow, and the photos im sending with prove it, man the intestines were like meat spagetty, and man its wierd, after eating i felt pretty sick to my stomach, its a pretty powerful food haha. Well i love you so much, the photos are of the pachecho family and i, well i love you all and im grateful for everything you have done for me!! I love you so much!

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