Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday, September 13 2010

Well hello once again family!! Yet again this week has flown by! The weeks get faster as time goes on i guess. Tomorrow i complete 11 months! One more month and its all down hill. Man that weird to think. Well this week has been pretty awesome. The zone leaders have been in Resistencia all week getting trained so elder Hinostroza and i have had the apartment all to ourselves. Really it just means that i have been going to bed early because im so tired from the work. Its been super hot this week, and since we work during the siesta, or offical nap time, from 2 to 5 we are pretty much in the streets dying from the sun, its reminding me of the past summer and its not something that im looking forward to at all. Its not a feeling i like to have but im not sure how to overcome it, the fear is tremendus. But oh well. This week i have really been trying to focus on the work and the people and all of the mission. And i have seen some really cool experiances, there have been a few times that i have actually felt like the lord was using me and i have been able to help two of our investigators get to church and to overcome their doubts, we have another baptism in two weeks of a man who is 25 years old named daniel, hes a sweet guy. He will be a perfect man for the branch, since there is hardly any man in my branch. And the other person that is about to get baptised in 2 or 3 weeks is a woman named Ramona, she has been praying and praying and never could recieve and answer, we worked with her and i believe she will recieve an answer really soon. My comp is good, he just gets really discouraged really fast, its been an interesting time with him. But we work good together and never have any problems. The members have always washed my cloths, i have only washed my clothes once since i got here in Argentina. They cook for us everyday and always give us water, they are super awesome. They dont have money so they cant buy stuff for us like dad does, but they do what they can. Well sounds like life is normal and great at home, ive been having some dreams lately of home so its been pretty tuff to focus here, home is such a weakness sometimes haha, but i wouldnt change it for anything. The homesickness has never gone away, i wake up with that aweful feeling every morning, but i have learned to put it behind me, to forget about myself and try and help the people here, i have been fighting so hard to find the joy here, i feel like i havent found it yet but im trying, and thats what makes me happy, that at least im trying my best, one of my friends from the mish wrote me this week and that really helped me, i realized that i am trying. It is funny how we always recieve a letter right when we need it. OH i got the package!! Man it was sweet thanks!! Im pretty excited to film the kids here eating pop rocks, they have no idea the suprise their getting!! Hey steph thanks for the letter, just keep going and it will all go away soon, patience is a great skill to learn, and ive learned a whole bunch of it here in the mission. Wow hannah you have grown so much, 2nd grade! did you skip 1st? Thats sweet about collin, haha whatever it takes to do well in school haha, hows the team going? and hows collin, about three weeks to the blue and white meet i presume? Dad always did buy food for the missionaires, and always buys food for everyone haha, i had a dream about the christmas eve dinner and oh man that roast tasted so good in the dream haha. Well i dont have anything else to say, lifes great here, it has its ups and downs, but the heat has gone away today so i have nothing to complain about! I LOVE YOU!

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