Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday, September 6 2010

Well hello my dear family! I really couldnt believe that its already Monday, when i woke up this morning i didnt believe it. This week has flown by! First it rained Monday to friday, so i dont want to even explain how dirty i have been, they dont have paved streets, its all dirt, so its been muddy muddy muddy! Im walking up to my ankles in mud haha. So ive gone through all my pants this week, the sun came out saturday so the members have had a great time washing our clothes haha. Well tuesday i got to go to Resistencia, which was a fun little trip, i met Elder Bradley Foster, who is a seventy and i got to learn a bunch from him, mostly we learned from the Book of Moses the power of being a child of God, and that was amazing to sit and ponder about that stuff. They talked about the literal power of satan and it was pretty interesting stuff, his wife couldnt even give her talk she was so distressed, it was very clear that god let her feel the feelings that satan has on the wicked, all in all it was a very powerful lesson.They have totally redone how we teach as missionaires and its amazing the difference that there is! I got to see my old companion there, Elder Soclle, and it was amazing how much i missed him, we were comps for a long time and it was great to hear from him, THe gomez family in posadas who were going to get baptised got in a huge fight with the zone leaders there during their interviews and they couldnt get baptised, but they are still pushing forward to become members. The family that i baptised right before i left there are super strong! They are definatlely a chosen family, the dad has the melchesidik priesthood and everything! I got to see a few of my comps from the MTC which was so awesome! It made my whole week to be able to visit with them! Wednesday it continued to rain, and ive never felt so exhausted in my life! Because of the trip i didnt get much sleep and i totally screwed up my neck, so it was a pretty painful day haha. Thursday was even more exhausting and my comp didnt really put much effort into the work so i felt like it was all on my shoulders, and man it was tuff. I spent most of the afternoon praying in my heart for strenght and desires, because i was beat! Friday was about the same but i felt the spirit really lift me up during the afternoon and that made a night and day difference, from that moment on the week was freakin amazing!Guess what i got to eat friday night, ROOTBEER FLOATS!! Elder Hogge had rootbeer extract so we made some rootbeer and showed these latinos what a good drink is! oh man it was delicious! And i finally have found brown sugar! Its taken me since may but i finally found a little store that sells it, so now i can finally make syrup! Ive been making omlets all of the time and im getting pretty good at that! Saturday we talked with a couple from Vera, a little town, they now live here but listened to the missionaries there, well he is awesome! his name is daniel and he came to church with us and actually wants to get baptised! So he will get baptised around General Conference, also we have had a tuff time talking with the parents of the twins, the dad is super tuff and never wants to talk with us, the kids come to church every week but the dad wont give them permission to baptise, but i have felt very strongly, as has my comp and our leaders here, that the dad is about to give in, the spirit is telling me we are going to see a miralce! Also sunday afternoon, we were going to do splits with two of the recent converts here but one didnt show up, now my comp gets discouraged super easy, so when this happened he lost all hope, well we started to work and it was tuff for him to do anything but follow, well the last house of the night that we clapped i testified that familes can live forever and she let us in, we had a super spiritual experiance, she told us of her difficulties in her life and it was the same as my comp had passed through, so we testified and my comp was so excited to help her, they definitly are going to be baptised and it was pretty sweet that my comp was able to help them like that! Today on p day my comp and i chilled in front of an ice cream shop drinkin milkshakes then watched all of the new Preach My Gospel dvds which are so awesome!It sometimes makes me jealous, they have this huge support from the ward, with tons of members ready to help, air conditioning, cars and all of that stuff. But my Mission President told me something that changed how i look at these perfect missionaries, he said "They live in fancy aparments with airconditioning, and we die of heat, they have fancy airconditioned cars, and we walk through the mid day heat, they work in beautiful houses and walk down nice clean streets, and we get to work in mud houses and walk through the mud, were all missionaries of the lord but we sacrifice a bit more to spread the word." I loved that quote, it makes me feel a bit more tough! Haha well it sounds like all it good at home, thanks for the news from home and for the help that you guys give me, sounds like steph is loving it now, thats great! Man i forgot a little about the house, thanks for the pic! Mom, thanks for sending the letter! You could also send some chewy gobstoppers... yum! And did you ever recieve the letter i sent to the house? Well i love you all, and ya its flying by! The only thing bad about it flying by right now is that its getting closer to summer haha, im not looking forward to those feelings but im hoping ill be a little bit more prepared, a bit more focused, and have the spirit a bit more with me this summer, that should help alot! Well i lvoe you! BYE

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