Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday,September 20 2010

Oh man it is a small world! That is pretty cool to hear about that i am helping people, thats been something that i havent felt like i have been doing here, so its good to hear that i am doing some good here. And its so great to hear about the ward, we do have the greatest ward and i really do miss it so much, i love hearing about anyone from the ward, and just like you said, ill only have to go one more year without them, ya it feels like time has flown by! As i have been pondering about these past 11 months its amazing the growth i have had, and also the ablitily to see the challenges i have overcome, i have realized how little the heat really mattered, its just a part of life, and how i enjoyed my months here, even if the whole time i was homesick, ive always had the feeling of wanting to be home but im enjoying being here also, and even more every week, im pretty sure alot will change when i hit the year mark also, this mentallity that i have alot to go will leave, and ill be able to fall in love with Argentina, and what really makes me love it is the ability to be able to progress, to improve, to overcome, i love these challenges i have, i really do. This week the Assisstants to the President stayed with us and we got to be able to work with them, that was alot of fun, i was able to learn alot. This week has flown by! Two weeks until conference! Im pretty excited for conference, it will be great to spend it here in Reconquista, the members here are awesome! So my investigators are doing awesome! Daniel only needs to get married to his wife and hes good to go! So were helping her understand, but shes a tuffy! The Pivirodi family is going to be baptised the 9th of October! They want to do everything they can to be baptised! Oh and Ramona is going to get baptised between conference sessions on saturday so that will be an awesome spiritual day! I only had one super hard day this week, homesickness really is the pits. But as i learned from Andy and Judd the cure is simple, work work work. Speaking of them i havent heard a single email from them in like a month, idk if you stopped sending them or what, but can i get them againg? thanks! Im really starting to change and its been really subtle and sneaky, my desires are changing to what our Heavenly Father wants and i havent even noticed it, i dont remember the last time i sang a Linkin Park song or thought about videogames or movies. Its been a great change to be able to feel the spirit in my life, to actually get to know him as my friend, its something that i never thought existed. Even though i hate the heat i love the mission! Well i dont know what else to say, i miss you all so much! Im always thinking of ways to make my whole family proud! And my friends and ward also, because i have the greatest friends, nothing comes close to them! Well i love you so much! Oh and Reeses Pieces, send those things!!!!!! And some carmel apple suckers!! Shock tarts!! OH YA! I want to hear from dad and collin and abbey and hannah also! Loves!

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