Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday, September 27 2010

Yahoo! haha man i woke up this morning with that same thought, that holy crap a year ago i gave my farewell talk, oh man what a great day that was haha, but what a difference i have felt from that day to now. A year ago i didnt want to do this, i was scared, more scared then i have ever been in my life and now i do love this, alot more than a year ago but i have alot of room to grow haha, but i am so grateful for this experiance, i really have changed so much. This week was by far the fastest week ever. I thought we had just hit thursday when i woke up and realized that it was sunday. The days were like 4 hours each haha. I think i know why also, i didnt have time to think about me this week, ive been so excited with the new preach my gospel that i have been teaching everyone i can, and its so much better! I feel so much love for when im teaching haha, now during nap time i dont love it as much, its been super hot here, reminds me of summer, and we work through nap time and noone answers the door so we have like 3 hours of melting in the heat, but its good practice for summer, im not as scared as last year, which is super cool, but i still dont like it, but i really didnt remember my discomforts when it was time to teach, Ramona, who is like 40 is going to get baptised in between conference sessions! I found her trying to find a contact and she said we could teach her, she thought we were false prophets and wouldnt believe us, but now a month later i can testify about the power of the book of mormon, anyone can be converted if they only read it and follow the promise of moroni! And i am seeing that with not only her but about 8 more other people who are going to be baptised in the next month!! I found another family here, i dont know if i have said anything about them but the family Pividori, shes a single mom with a 14 year old boy, 10 and 4 year old girls, dad died of cancer a year ago, well we taught them and they will do anything to get baptised! So im pretty excited, oct 9 will be their date. We ate lunch with them friday and i gave them pop rocks, i filmed it so dont worry, you will get to see their reactions haha, it was great! We watched the Joseph smith movie friday night as a branch and we brought an investigator named Daniel who has been trying to get baptised the past few weeks but his pair wont marry him. So we are trying our best to figure that problem out. But we are having alot of success here, i had a few difficulties with my comp, hes way super depressed, lost all desire to work but ive been working on it, and hes getting better, this baptism with lift his spirits. Well i cant think of much else, i dont remember anything much about me haha, as i have read andy and judds letters i have really wanted to become like them, they are the greatest examples i have, i never looked forward to going on a mission, i never remember wanting to be here, but as i see their examples it gives me such a drive to give it my all, to become the best i can be and to enjoy all i can, so thanks cousins. And also this week i have had a couple experiances that i have had the opprotunity to ponder about my grandparents, all of them, and the exampels they have been for me, and i just want to say thanks. In reality im super grateful for all my uncles, aunts, cousins. What a great family i got! Oh and i feel like i have become alot like dad, this year is argentinas 200th birthday so they have new money but its hard to find, so i have like 20 deals going around throughout the city so that when they recieve some they keep it for when i pass, haha im learing from the best, thanks dad! Oh and thanks for the talk, i remember him talking about that in a conference, its pretty great. Well i super miss everyone, but at the same time i cant imagine myself at home, i still have some souls to rescue hehe, plus the real world is full of stress... haha i love you all!

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