Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday, October 18 2010

Hello family, hows everything going? Well this is my first email after i have completed one year, and man it feels like time has flown by really fast, but at the same time pretty slow also haha. But thanks for the letters last week, they helped alot, its not only about responsibilty, thats a very small part of it, its about my personal progression, i really havent felt like i have wanted to do the work, ive never woken up saying, Ya! im excited to work today!, and thats whats frustrating me, when i talk about the Players i really just want to have the fire and the excitment that they have for the work, so thats been something that i have been seriously trying to achieve for quite sometime. But dont worry about me, this is just who i am and as long as i try ill achieve it one day. This week has been a super quick one, i felt like it was two days long. Ive spent every waking moment reading the Book of Mormon, because i feel like if i can strengthen my testimony maybe that will help me find a stronger desire to help the people here. But this week i have felt quite satisfied with the work i have been given, ive been "purifying" myself from everything that has to do with home so that ill be able to focus on here, so ive been pretty excited that im starting to plant my foot in the ground and make some necesary changes. I do trust in my patriarchal blessing so i know that all i have to do is give it my all and the lord will complete with the rest. This week i have been quite excited for our investigators, as of right now ill have a baptism every weekend from the 30th of October to the start of December, so im seeing some great progress here in Reconquista, a great friend who came with me from Colombia when i started the mission is in my zone and he has helped me alot to figure things out. This week at Church we brought a lady who never really seemed to pay much attention to our lessons but as she left church she was literally exploding with happiness and excitement, she loved the church so much and she couldnt stop saying how much she loved it, she repeated it like 20 times, so im excited for her, shes getting baptised the 6th of November, Daniel is going to get married next week, right now hes pretty much a member haha, the Pividori family is taking a beating from the world, it seems that alot of people are not that friendly with Mormons and the only thing that is helping them hold on is our example as missionaries, so we will see if we can plant a firm foundation with the book of mormon this week. The book of mormon is the greatest missionary, once the investigators know its true, they do everything to do whatever they are asked, which is so awesome! So in my package, i really just want some new drilux garments and alot of skippy peanut butter. I just want to make peanut butter sandwhiches! Oh i havent had one for a year... Sounds like life is all great at home, no i didnt hear about the Morlies dad, mom didnt tell me, but man 36 hour work... and i thought that i am tired. It just clicked in my mind that ive never seen a picture of stephs car... OH and mom i just thought id let you know that i play the piano every sunday at church, and miraculously i can play almost every song, its a talent i have gained here haha, so i thought id let you know that your years of wrestling with me to play the piano is paying off, and the church here in reconquista now knows how to sing on tune :) haha, thats great that your taking care of Tommyboy, but man he should have asked for Chicken Enchaladas or a huge Christmas Roast!! haha oh man i miss Enchaladas...Alright well family, thanks for always supporting me, i know im always hard of myself, but i dont know any other way haha. Ill try to figure out how to think in the other way. Well i love you all, goodbye.

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