Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday, October 12 2010

Wow! Man i was super super happy to hear from my cousins and the sweet news that has come to them! I always knew they were the greatest, they always had the ability and the knowledge on how to suceed! Man im super jealous of both! Ha im still the junior companion here in Reconquista, so nothing new happened here. But when i first heard i was quite disappointed, pretty sad also, because i have a year and i havent been given a new responsibilty, but after pondering for a while the talk from Elder Holland came into my mind from this conference, about the old lady who never had a lidership calling and felt quite she was just a helper, and that Elder Holland said if we could all be more like her, well that hit me and i felt better, and then i realized that im here for the people and that someone here needs me, so i learned i need to stop being a baby and get to saving some lives hehe. Even though there is only two of us from my mtc group who havent been given responsiblities i have learned a little bit more about my purpose as a missionary. But really i am so happy for Judd and Andy, they have learned how put Doctrine and Covenants 4 in practice! Im struggling with that, i feel like i have reached my limit, as hard as i try to push past it i havent been able to overcome it, as much as i have tried to overcome my weaknesses i feel like i havent been able to overcome them, but i guess ill have to keep on trotting, one day ill be able to break these barriers. I dont feel like im totally in the work and im trying my hardest to forget about myself but i dont know what else to do, so i would love some more prayers haha, because im in a huge struggle. Even worse than the heat of Argentina, which its been pretty hot here lately. But as i have learned here in Argentina, patience, but i feel like a year is long enough haha. Kind of frustrating.But anyways, my investigators are doing great! Daniel and Fabiana are going to get married next week! So im pretty excited for that. Maybe ill be able to see my first wedding here in Argentina. THen they will be baptised the following saturday. The Pividori family has had a huge struggle, pretty much the whole world is fighting against them getting baptised, even thier own family is fighting against it, but the only thing helping them advance is the spiritual experiances that we have with them. We couldnt talk much with them this week because they were gone but we passed by last night and were able to help them out. I do believe i found the family that was waiting for me to come save them, the oldest daughter is a member for 3 years but went inactive because of the huge amount of lidership problems that are here. But we ate lunch with them and man, i felt so great with them, im pretty sure if i do my part that they will all get baptised! They are a pretty grown up family, the oldest has 26, Rocio, and the youngest has 20, Hermanuel, they are 4 brothers and sisters and they all are attending the university and studying, a rare trait for an Argentine haha. SO they understand perfectly, now i need to help them have spiritual experiances and they will make it! Well sounds like life at home is pretty awesome, congrats lindsay and joe, the next boy will be even crazier than jake and maximus. Well i am sending some pictures of me at the riverside, we went to a swap meet and ate at a riverside restaurant it was great. well love ya!

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