Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday, October 4 2010

Hey family!! Hows its going? Ya im getting pretty close to the down hill mark, and its been quite a ride so far! Well goods news first, i had a baptism between conference sessions. Thursday night it didnt seem ike it was going to happen, she found a few doctrines that she wasnt in line with and she was wanting to wait for her baptism, well we taught her about the devil and the feelings he puts into us, that nothing good comes from the devil, well she listened to us and put her trust in us and in god, well it turned out great! Shes in love with the gospel and truly will become one of the great members here in Reconquista. Also Daniel and his wife will get married one day after my year mark! So that will be a good present for me! Then they will get baptised saturday. So i got to listen to all of the conference sessions. I didnt pay full attention because i am not used to sitting down for more than 40 minutes so i felt really sick the whole day, with huge migrains. But i will read it when i get it, i like that better. But i did love all of the talks, especially the priesthood session rocked! But the confrences put me a bit trunky, or homesick, which i have never liked, but as always the solution is work, which i wasnt able to do saturday and sunday, so for me it wasnt the greatest week but hey, i got alot more weeks to get better, the key is to keep progressing. So wednesday is transfers again so we will see what happens. I am kind of hoping that ill be able to be given some kind of responsiblity, since ive never had any since the mission began but i know that gods in charge and im alright with that. Nothing else has really happened this week. Thanks for the pics mom, could you send some more, thanks for the memories! So the greatest news of the week is that i finally found brown sugar here in this country! So i went right to work making pancakes!! So here is a photo of the deliciousness! and we also found food coloring, which was heaven, we put it in everything, green eggs, water, pancakes, milk, icecream, everything we can find, a great way to make your day! Well i love you all so much, oh and just for you to know, the date of when ill be coming home is like the 22nd of October 2011, so sadly i wont be able to goto conference at home. But hey its a long way off,so sounds like everything is good at home, congrats abbey, i have never been able to take notes, i think i wrote one sentance about this conference so your better off than i am, congrats collin on the swim meet, and steph if you want to get asked ask to be asked, dont be a baby haha. Guys dont know what girls want, true story! Hannah plays soccer? since when? i also play soccer haha, butonly once a week! Well i love you all, good bye! Thanks mom and dad for being the example i need, and for showing your pure love!

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