Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday, October 25 2010

Hey Family, hows it going? It sounds like life is going great at home. Nick Smith is turing 19? Wow hes going to be a great missionary, im super jealous of his mission!! I would do anything to serve in the middle east haha, Karl Fleishel served there. Did collin go out toliet papering the day before the meet? Im excited to see how collin does in the coming years, he will be a whole lot better swimmer than i was! Sounds like steph is having alot of fun down at snow, and that ward dinner thing sounds interesting. Im glad that the dinner with Tommy was great, i miss that kid more than ever. Ya im learning how to play alot of fun songs and im learning how to make my own songs now. Its great. Im excited for my grandmas package, luckily ive learned patience so i am able to wait. This week i got to be interviewed by the Mission President, it was a good interview, he expects alot more out of me. He asked how i was with the family and i told him i was still pretty homesick, he asked how much time i had in the mission and i told him i had a year and he laughed and told me that i had to be over that 6 months ago. I told him i was a little wierd and not like the other missionaries. This week has been super super hot, it was like january weather, and since we work during the siesta (nap time) we just walked underneath 95 degree weather, it sucked. But i lived. This week has seen alot of challenges, ive felt pretty discouraged and not really wanting to work, thats been really hard, im really frustrated with myself and im not sure what to do. Its been hard. Ive been trying to forget myself but i dont know how. I hope ill be able to turn this around. But other than that, theres not much new, Daniel couldnt get an appointment to get married, so we had to postpone his baptism, but hes growing alot, hes going to be a great member. Pretty much all of the other investigators i had we had to drop, they are not progressing. So its back to step 1. Well, i hope all is well at home, i love you all. Thanks mom for the support, i know you think im the greatest, its hard for me to feel the same but ill trust you ha. I miss home alot still, i cant wait for the day when i feel like staying here, i have faith that ill feel that way one day soon. I love you all!

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