Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday, January 3 2011

Hey Family!! New years eve this year was super fun! All of the missionaires got together and we had a huge bbq at a members house. We shared crazy experiences from the mish and had a good time, laughed our heads off. Then a missionary brought me a letter from my old comp in Reconquista, all of the people i was teaching got baptised!! So even though i wasnt there to take a picture with them i was super excited to see all of my old friends there get baptised! I was super happy and probably one of the first times that i was super grateful to serve a mission. It was a great night, then saturday morning we played a whole lot of soccer and hung out until we had to go back to work at 3. What a fun weekend. Sunday we had planned for 8 people to come to church, we woke up early to go find them all and not one woke
up or came out... So we got to the church to see if we had anyone, nope, so we jumped in a taxi and followed the spirit, we found a super awesome investigator that was waiting for us but was getting her kids ready so she didnt hear us, so we went back to church with her and her husband and it was great because they loved it, so thanks to our persistance we are going to get to baptise her in three weeks. Other
than that all of our investigators are not progressing, the Family i found freaked out and ignore us, then they left on vacation for 2 months. So we dropped them, and every one else. So im pretty frustrated with the work, but we will see if we can find some families that will progress this week. Oh and last night we got a call from the mish and my comp got emergency transfered again, so now im left without a comp for the day, oh and im district leader now so alot has changed this week. Im feeling overwhelmed and on top of that the work isnt moving along, so its been kind of tuff, but ive learned to trust in Heavenly Father and he will help me pass this, im glad that even though its super hot it doesnt really affect me, so im glad to have
that trial behind me, and i havent felt homesick this week so on one side im starting to recieve challenges within the mission. Lifes stressful but it wont last, slowly ill overcome these trials. Sounds like lifes good at home, i took a pic of some of those lantern kites that dad wanted to try and do, some kids were doing them but i left the pics on my comps camera, so we will see them after the mish haha. Well i hope all goes well this coming week, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA!
love ya all!

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