Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday, February 14 2011

Hey Family!! Like Andy, the weather here is super wierd, it was quite cold this past week, like 75 degrees, i actually had goosebumps haha, i never thought i would freeze to death at 75 degrees haha, but i felt like it. Well this week has been super hard, first with the cold weather, it was brought by a huge storm, which started monday night and continued during the night, the rain was so loud it was hard to sleep, but its so relaxing to listen, well while i was listening my comp woke up to use the bathroom and to our horror, when he went to take a step our horror, our apartment was flooded, destroyed alot of stuff, my scriptures are past recovery, i went to pick them up and it was so wet that it just ripped in half... so i have no weapons now to fight satan... haha so fun, anyways i didnt sleep at all that night, then i have felt super homesick this week, for that reason i dont like good weather, because it makes me want to be home, but when i suffer i dont think about it.So its been hard to overcome homesickness this week, but i kept working, but the work is falling, no matter how hard we try to work it seems we cant decide the outcome of our work, Aldo and Yanina are a lost cause, he ran from us this week more than once, and he doesnt want to get rid of his doubts. We wasted all saturday trying to help them. I have learned alot this week, and now i know how to help people more easily and hopefully for the better, i had a baptism this week and i have 4 more this weekend, then 3 more next week. But only if they can feel the conversion, and thats been hard this past week. But we are working on it, its been a tuff week because we put so much on Aldo and Yanina when in the end they are just falling farther and farther away. But we are going to give them one last chance. But we are not going to focus so much on them, we are going to let them decide. One of our investigators tried to kill her husband because he was cheating on her and we got there just in time. She had thrown gasoline on him and tried to light him on fire but it seemed like the gas was too old, so she pulled out a knife and was going to go after him right when we got there, it was crazy!The house was destroyed because they had fought for quite some time it seemed, crazy... My comp is so awesome, hes one of my greatest friends here, we mess around a whole bunch, the mission gets fun and when we are super down we can always find a way to laugh, he and i talk to each other like gollum and do a bunch of stuff like that. Im glad that hes my comp, we just had transfers and im staying here with him. Today we played soccer and wow, it seems that i am capable of doing a little more than running up and down the field, im actually super proud that i can play a sport, ive never felt capable of playing anything but now i feel super great, i think ill play in intermurals when i get home. Anyways, grats collin for kicking butt in state! Next year your going to have to get even better!! I miss working out in general, one hour of soccer kills me and cutting grass with a matchete is a killer, i need to get back into shape haha. Oh ya ive seen spam a lot, in Desert Theater in murray. Thats a great play, dont get down on yourself steph, its the attitude thats going to take the prize!! Well im off for another week of work, hopefully this ones a little bit more effective, productive and overall satisfying. I love you all! OVER AND OUT!

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