Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday, February 21 2011

HEY FAMILY!! So luckily it was a temple weekend, when our ward once every three months goes to Paraguay to visit the temple. So while they were there i had a sister buy me my scriptures, they were 3 dollars for both! Hardback also, i love the church, super cheap haha! This week has been an awesome week, well, ive never felt so hot in my mission as i did this week but other than that we have had alot of success! As you can see in our pictures we had our 4 baptisms, 3 little girls that have almost finished the book of mormon and already have set goals to go on missions! Oh man they are so awesome, they come to church alone and they are part of the ward! So cool!!Then the 24 year old girl, Elisa! SO COOl, right after her baptism she was teaching some investigators about the church and how cool baptism is and stuff, shes already a better missionary than i am!! HAHA We had a bunch of problems with finding baptismal clothes and a whole lot of problems but we overcame them and it turned out awesome! We have a super lazy bishop and thats the hardest part, our ward is falling apart here, we used to have like 10 elders and now our ward is down to two, i dont know whats happening, its sad for me but we are trying our hardest. We have a baptism planned for this week and three more for the week after that! Its so cool that god blesses us even when we arent the best.
Anyways, ive been really down on myself lately because its really hard for me to be obedient, it never was hard in Posadas and in Reconquista maybe once or twice, but here its been quite the challenge.I really think God is trying to see if im willing to dedicate my all, and thats been the hardest part. I have desires to be obedient and to be diligent but the heat and fatigue have been hard to overcome. I have prayed alot this week on what Heavenly Father wants me to improve on, and for one of the first times in my mission an answer came super clear to my head, that i need to improve my obediance, diligence and my prayers. So i put the goal to improve on these, well the coolest thing happened this weekend, we had zone conference and it was focused on OBEDIANCE! DILIGENCE! AND HOW TO IMPROVE OUR PRAYERS, wow i felt that god really wants me to learn these things, so i am super grateful that i learned what i needed to learn and now i just need to put it into practice, the hardest part haha.Sounds like life is so awesome at home, i just realized i have 5 tranfers left in the mission, im freaking out that im almost sure i have just three more weeks here in formosa, so i am frantically looking for a family just like that family that i found in posadas, that from the moment we found them to their baptism was three weeks, so i got alot of work to do this week, so please be praying for me, to be more obedient, diligent and that we find this family, and ill let you know how it goes next week!
I SO MISS THE FOOD IN THE STATES so im pretty sure when its all said and done im gonna be fat from al the rootbeer ill be drinking haha, jason buck is almost home!? man time flies, and whats up with CHRIS NESTMAN? didnt he come home also? It seems like a few months ago i talked with Laura Ramsey, man thats crazy. Well thanks for the pics and ill see you guys next week!! LOVE YA

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