Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday, February 7 2011

Whoa!! Congrats Collin!! I cant imagine how great you are going to be year after year! 3rd as a freshmen is super awesome!! Crazy, i recognize a few of the kids in the pics haha, it seems like so much time has passed, so much time! Thanks alot for the recipes, ill put them to good use in the next 9 months. Haha cool dance thing with abbey and great testimony steph, look she didnt need to serve a mission to learn these things, thats why girls dont need to serve missions haha. They can learn without it. OH man Thomas Peterson came over!! Dude i always had the intention of writing him on the mission but i never had his address, give him my email so that i can write him a few times, we had such an awesome time together before he left, i MISS THE STUD!! (Tell him to date my sister so that we can be brothers in law one day haha!)( DO IT STEPH!) Well this week has been a super hard one, the baptism of aldo and yanina fell through... He knows its true, he receieved his answer a month ago, but now he has all of these challenges and problems that usually come when someone is getting to know the gospel and he feels that god is being unfair, now he wants to feel the same way as before just to feel it again, even though he knows hes recieved his answer, hes starting to get back into drinking, going to the same bad places as before and is only praying. Stressful, the family jaquimin, let me tell you that the 3 little girls thought that they had to read the whole book of mormon, in one day they almost got through all of the intro and 1 nefi!!! And they remember the whole story, they came to church alone and all, Rene the old guy, rents a room in their house, we came to find out that him and the mom live drunk, because we passed by one time when they didnt have any money to buy drinks, and they were sober, totally different people, pretty crazy. Maria is ignoring us, or hiding. Our only hope is Elisa and Gonzalo, they have come to church and will be baptised the 19th, i could have had alot of baptisms this month but it seem that we filtered out those that arent willing to follow the commandments, but we wont give up quite yet, ALdo and Yanina commited to being baptised this weekend... We will do our all to help them! But it seems hes falling. We didnt find anyone great this week, it was a hard week to work, im used to the heat, everyone complains but if this is the hottest month im going to great, its nothing like last year... But they say we are far from over haha, but i just think i dont have that much time so its not that bad. My last super summer, i hear its cold in the states, how awesome! I dont care what anyone says i would love some freezing weather, my friend and i sat inside one of those huge freezers today for a while to escape the heat, pretty fun, we played alot of basketball today, i suck even worse than before, ugh, haha. Anyways, this weeks been tuff but as usual nothing new, still homesick as usual but ive really found desires to overcome this stuff, i havent been able to but i really have so much to learn still, im nothing what i want to be, and so ive decided that i have alot to do in the time that i have. Anyways family, i love you all alot, im happy that great things are happening at home! Ill write more next week, hopefully good news, oh man im stressed, exhausted and exhausted. Did i mention stressed, nothing seems to be well but usually something good happens after moments of problems so im hopeing to learn from this. Love ya!

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