Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday, February 28 2010

Hey family, wow time sure flies by! Well the coolest thing that happened this week is that it rained every night, and it rained continually from tuesday night until thursday morning, so it was super fun to walk around in knee high water, luckily we have boots in the apartment because my shoe covers dont help when the water is above the ankles haha, there were so many houses that were flooded and it was interesting to work this week, because all of the ditches are filled with crap we had to be super careful to watch where we were walking, the water in the streets was all contaminated with dead dogs and animals, the smell was great this week, leeches were everywhere. It was an awesome adventure walking around in water, there was so mud, because there was not a single dry spot i felt like i was working in waterworld! Anyways other than the rain the weather has been perfect this week! The air has been fresh and its been great, i didnt sweat much at all!

But as ive come to realize the weather has been the least of my problems, this week has been super hard in the work, a few of my recent converts truly hate me and have stopped coming to church, because i helped the mom get ready to go to the temple to do baptisms for the dead and anyways, the bishop screwed everything up so when she got here she didnt have a recommend and anyways she had to wait outside for a few hours, well aparently its my fault and shes stopped coming to church, she has really torn me down and its been a hard week with her and her family, on top of that the people have been really tearing me down, usually it would have never affected me but really the only person that i have felt is on my side is my comp, so emmotionally a super hard week, the work is almost at a stall, i dont know what has happened but i cant find anyone, i havent even been able to sit down with the people this week, we have no progressing investigators, and we have to start from 0. We had a baptism this week, but it didnt go down that well, in reality she got baptised but that night disappeared, and she didnt get confirmed. So ive felt like crap this week, and i was just looking forward to p day to start all over again. Im really hoping that this week will be better, im really going to do my part to do so, its been one of these weeks that i just want to sleep and forget haha. But hopefully all will turn around.

The only good thing this week is that i saw that god used me as an instrument in his hands to help a couple to get baptised next week, she lives in another area and she wanted to get baptised but didnt know how to tell her mom, who is a pastor in her church, that she was going to be mormon, well her mom lives in our area, and i felt the need to pass by her, i didnt know who she was at the moment but it was a decent lesson, it didnt seem like she was going to progress, but we left after. And she went to her daughters house and told her daughter that she was learning from the mormons and it was exactly what the daughter needed to hear to tell her, so thanks that we passed by the couple can get baptised, so god does work in mysterious ways, what seemed like a failure to us from our point of vision what a huge sucess to the other missionaries, so thats what i learned this week.

Well im glad that all is good at home, interesting that luna had to go, sorry dad. Mom thanks for the help, thats going to be super hard to do but im going to try, i feel overwhelmed. well i love ya all, see ya next week.

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