Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday, April 11 2011

Well Hello Family, how goes it? Im doing great this week, ive found alot of answers to my problems and the weather has been fantastic, thank goodness! The members say im alot skinnier and im going back to normal! I just got done playing an intense game of soccer, which you will be quite suprised to see Nathan Horrocks so athletic, since it was never his strong aspect hehe. I love sports now, its great! This week i practically was not in my area, i did splits with the zone leaders and was with Elder Mohlman from Murray, it was fun, since we know all the same people from the times that i always went to murray with hannah we talked alot about all of the kids we knew, i learned alot about how to use more powerfully the book of mormon, they rarley ever clap houses, yet they have 6 or 7 families who are going to get baptised this month! They have read more than half of the book of mormon, i learned that conversion comes from the book and the church and not from what we teach. It was super cool. Well i have been having some super hard problems as always, and pretty trunky last week also, after talking with Elder Molhman one morning about a character from ¨The Illiad¨, Diomedes, i started thinking alot about what made him and many others like him heros, i thought alot, it intrigued me, well the answer i came up with was an answer to many of my prayers, it was so simple, something that i had been taught thousands of times, Villians only think about themselves, and Heros think about everyone else, its when the heros become egoistic that they become weak and dont measure up to their potential, it just clicked, I read the story of Capitan Moroni, many talks from Conferences Past and i set some goals, well even though its still been tuff im focusing on everyone else, i think thats what they meant when they meant loose yourself in the work, its not being so busy that you forget about you but that truly its just serving other people, putting others first. Well ive been alot happier, the weight i used to feel before has disappeared and im teaching in a different way, im myself. My studies are more profound and i just feel better, im magnifying my calling and obeying alot more. It was a super big change that came super fast, now i just need to keep it up and never slack, haha or else ill fall back into the pit, my area still is a mess, but im sure its going to pick up, families that we taught along time ago but dropped are starting to ask us to come back, wanting to go to church and are starting to do what they need to do. Im loving the mission more than before and i feel like im gaining the trust of many people, i had an interview with Pres DelCastillo, it was great, kind of wierd at first since he just started at me for a while but he told me alot of cool things, he says he just feels when a missionary is prepared to take on more responsibility, he might not talk with us everyday, but he sure knows us!
Well to answer Lindsays question, i now have 6 months left in the mission! So she wanted to know what are some of my goals for the rest of my mission, well the people still struggle to understand what im saying, haha but it was the same in english, i mumble and only my friends can understand, so i want to be able to pronouce and be able to speak well. I want to master the simple principles of the gospel, prayer, meditation, and how to set goals.
Haha wow stephs about done with her first year in college! Man im excited for college, its great, yet as i think i dont think ill have anytime to do anything haha! I have alot i want to do, and yes mother and father, i miss the temple alot and im sure ill be doing the same thing as tay tay haberwoman,hehe. Good luck Abbey running for SBO, your pretty outgoing i dont doubt that youll get in. I dont think ill recognize anyone when i get home. But i still got a while, but mom maybe you can see what i can do so that ill be able to keep my scholarship at UVU, we told them i would be home for fall semester, but that wont happen, maybe if we advise them early i might be able to keep it. Well i love you guys!! I miss everyone alot, but not too much hehe. BYE!

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